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ELON Musk's SpaceX is planning to blast one of their most powerful rockets into space today following years of delay.

The mission is set to finally go ahead, two years after it was supposed to.

Falcon Heavy is the most powerful rocket around that's currently operational.

But it's only managed to venture into space three times.

The last time was in June 2019, when a bunch of satellites, a deep space atomic clock, and the ashes of astronaut Bill Pogue were among the items onboard.

Experts wanted to send the rocket up again in 2020 but payload readiness issues thwarted their efforts.

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They're hoping November 1 will be the day Falcon Heavy blasts off again.

Liftoff is expected to take place at 9.41am EDT / 1.41pm GMT from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

If that fails, there's a backup launch opportunity available around the same time tomorrow.

The rocket will carry two US Space Force craft into orbit.

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Space enthusiasts are expected to gather near the Kennedy Space Center to witness the moment.

But anyone can watch a live webcast hosted by SpaceX on YouTube.

The Falcon Heavy is a combination of three Falcon 9s, the rocket that the company uses to ship supplies to the International Space Station and lift satellites.

It comes at a busy time for SpaceX owner Musk, 51.

The world's richest man has finally taken over Twitter after months of legal issues over his $44billion deal.

Musk has fired the social network's top team and made himself CEO and sole director.

However, the billionaire claims that the move is "just temporary".

What is the Falcon Heavy?

The Falcon Heavy is the world's most powerful rocket, with twice the might of any operational spacecraft, according to SpaceX.

Using 28 rocket engines squeezed into three reusable boosters, it lifts off with the power of eighteen 747 aircraft at full throttle.

Two side boosters separate simultaneously shortly after launch and land back on Earth, while a third, centre core breaks off a little later and lands on an automated ship in the Atlantic Ocean.

Falcon Heavy can carry 63,000 kilos of payload to low-Earth orbit – more than the mass of a 737 jetliner loaded with passengers, crew, luggage and fuel.

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SpaceX can load the craft with double the payload that its Falcon 9 rocket can carry.

This means the Falcon Heavy offers SpaceX a tantalising opportunity to carry much more stuff into space (and hence make bucketfuls more cash).

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