I raced my EV 543 miles from the tip of Scotland to Cornwall… it was a disaster – here's the worst issues I faced | The Sun

A MOTORS expert has revealed the worst issues he faced while racing his electric car against a diesel car.

Lee, also known as the MacMaster, took to his YouTube channel to show his journey from the tip of Scotland to the bottom of Cornwall.

Lee and his friend Jeff decided to start in John O’Groats and see who could get to Land’s end first – with the least amount of trouble.

He explained: “In an era where we are all having Electric Cars shoved down our throats and being given no choice but to purchase an EV, we thought it was time we put the Electric Vehicle to the test and show what a totally ridiculous idea it is as a mode of transport. 

“So we set off from John O'Groats in an Electric Car and a Diesel car to see how each of them handle a long journey and also who has the least stress and financial implications.”

Jeff bought his BMW 320 Diesel from Facebook Marketplace for less than £3,000 – whereas Lee forked out a whopping £120,000 on his Porsche Tian Electric.



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Lee began in the lead however he almost immediately came into problems when during his first stop he met a faulty charger.

He explained: “It says ‘charging system not connected’. It’s not working. Charge Place Scotland whats the matter with you? Right better get back driving.

“With the chargers you think they work and they look like they’re working but when you plug them in they don’t actually work.”

At his second stop he meets another problem

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He explained: “What is going on – I can’t get the charger out. It’s locked in because of vandalism. Never seen that before.

“Now my phone says theres a charging error – but my car says different.”

And at his final charging stop things are no better – as he finds a queue with several cars waiting to charge.

He said: “This is absolutely insane. They’re all taken up and there’s cars waiting. This is the reality. 

“I’m trying my best but you can plan your journey but you can’t can you?  Because of these. Should have got a Tesla.

“Madness, so it looks like there’s going to be an hours wait before I can get on a charger. I can’t wait that long.”

Lee was forced to leave and head to a Porsche dealership to charge up there instead before heading back on the road. 

It’s no surprise that the diesel car ended up arriving at their half way destination of Kendall long before Lee and his Porsche did. 

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