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A MAN who spent £50k on a Tesla Model 3 claims he hates his electric car.

Nic Palladino took to social media to reveal the downsides of owning an expensive EV from the US firm.

TikTok user @nicpalladino10 says that the battery life displayed on the screen of his Tesla is so inaccurate.

Nic said: "I live in Arizona, so it gets in triple digits in the summertime every day. If Icharge this up to 200, I can't expect to get more than about 150 out of it, so be careful.

"Difficulty number two, this door handles right here, they may look easy, but they require a big hand.

"The biggest annoyance is when I have groceries in my hand. It's a little bit difficult to not only get my thumb here but wrap my hand around it and pull it open.


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Tesla Model 3 cars can be opened with a key card or the Tesla App, which can be installed on iPhone and Android.

The Tesla owner continued: "Finally, the accessibility to get into your car if your phone dies.

"I rarely carry my key card because my phone has the Tesla App, but if my phone dies, I don't have any other way to get into my car until my phone is charged or I have a friend with me.

"But there have been situations where I've sat at the gym, and I had to ask my neighbour to charge my phone so I can get into my car."

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The video has had thousands of views on social media, and users were quick to comment below.

One said: "Why don’t you just put the key card in your wallet? That’s an easy fix, lol."

The poster answered: "I don’t carry my wallet around."

A second person said: "Get a rechargeable battery phone case. Having two batteries is clutch."

This comes after a driver who bought a £100k Tesla Model S claims that it looks like it was built by a group of toddlers.

Plus, a man who owned a Tesla Model 3 for just two days says he already hates his EV.

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