I test drove the worst EV EVER & it was so bad it blew me away – we could barely figure out how to start it | The Sun

A CAR expert who test drove the worst EV ever has revealed it was so bad it blew him away.

The motors pro took to social media to rubbish the vehicle to millions of fellow drivers.

The cars influencer posted a YouTube video test driving the Vinfast VF8 to see if all of its negative reviews were justified.

The Vietnamese dual battery fast vehicle boasts 264 miles of range for the Eco trim and 243 miles for the Plus trim fully charged.

But the car has gained hundreds of negative reviews from car enthusiasts.

On the clip the influencer decided to put the car to the test and see how it actually performs.

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The driver then proceeded to check how long does it take for the car to get moving.

"The first thing we are going to test is the startup sequence," he said.

But the motorists struggled for minutes to find the start button.

He slammed: "We've been making cars for over a hundred years, just make it work like a car."

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But the real disappointment came when the motorist checked the accelerators.

After pressing the accelerator pedal multiple times, the car was unable to respond instantly.

He said: "This is the worst car to escape a murderer in."

Other reviewers criticising the vehicle claimed the car made a shocking amount of noises and "unnecessary" warnings while driving.

The YouTuber fumed: "This is crazy. It's not even giving us a reason.

We have only been in this car for 15 minutes and it has already given us more than 22 chimes. This car is giving me a tick."

"This could be the most annoying thing we ever encounter in our entire lives," he claimed.

Checking the VinFast, test-drivers noted the system was a "total disaster" with "unreliable blind-spot monitors" and "electronic nannies that beeped and flashed relentlessly".

The expert then put the drive aids to the test.

But the lane assistant was unable to turn on and kept on intermittent mode – despite another car driving beside him.

The shocked driver said: "This is even worse than not having it at all because it tells me 'hey I got your back'. But I don't trust this car."

The content creator finally claimed the VF8 deserved all the scathing reviews.

He explained the car was released "too early"and manufacturers rushed its release "to the finish line".

He fumed: "This is a really extreme case of criticism I have about EVs.

"This car has all the annoying things about electric cars and none of the cool stuff.

"It barely has any neon lights and it doesn't look like it's from the future.

"It doesn't live up to any expectations, nothing works."

The video has gone viral amassing nearly 4million views and more than 100,000 likes from other drivers.



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