I tried a ‘100% streak-free’ stainless steel spray on my marked sink – here’s the results

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Sinks can get dirty very easily and most of the time, whether it be from food particles left on plates or grease from pans. Despite wiping my sink down every night, I decided it was time to buy a stainless steel cleaner to see if it would make a difference.

The product I decided to buy was the Cif Stainless Steel Cleaner which I purchased from B&M.

Other stainless steel cleaners are available but I tried this one in particular after seeing lots of positive reviews. 

It was around £1.50 for a large bottle and can be used on any stainless steel item in the home.

The company behind the spray said: “This specialist cleaning spray has been scientifically designed to remove stubborn dirt like fingerprints, watermarks and grease for a 100 percent streak-free shine on the stainless steel surfaces around your home.

“It works wonders as a stainless steel stove top cleaner and you’ll love how effectively Cif stainless steel cleaner restores beauty to your stainless steel surfaces.”

To begin with I cleared my sink of any clutter as well as gave it a wipe over with some antibacterial wipes.

I then sprayed the sink and drainer with the cleaning spray and left it for a few minutes.

Then I took some kitchen roll and began to wipe the cleaning spray away. If I did this job again, I would definitely use a microfibre cloth as they are better for the environment.

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At the time, I didn’t have any to hand and resulted in using kitchen roll. I didn’t even need to scrub the sink for the results to show through.

The dirt and watermarks had completely gone and the sink was looking shinier than ever.

It took a couple of wipes for the product to disappear but that was maybe down to me using too much of the spray.

I don’t like cleaning products which have a strong scent to them, especially when cleaning the sink so this product was perfect as it wasn’t too strong.

For the price and the size of the product, I would definitely recommend this and it is now placed in my regular cleaning box.

Cif have also shared how to use the stainless steel spray with ease.

They said: “Apply the Cif stainless steel spray directly to cold surfaces. Ensure the product is spread evenly with a previously washed damp cloth.

“Wipe away with a clean damp cloth and rinse the surface thoroughly. For best results, dry the surface after rinsing.

“Intended for use on stainless steel. Use carefully on appliance lettering and symbols.

“Avoid contact with aluminium, silver, marble, limestone and wood. If you are using the spray as a stainless steel stove top cleaner and are unsure on whether to use the spray on new, unusual, painted and enamelled surfaces, test on an inconspicuous area first.”

Another favourite in my cleaning box is Elbow Grease’s All Purpose Degreaser, formulated to remove grease and oil in all situations.

I recently tested it out to clean my hob and I was surprised at how good the product was.

The grease and dried food began to dislodge with ease straight away.

Within minutes the hob looked brand new and I couldn’t believe how well the spray worked.

After cleaning the entire hob, I realised that the product didn’t need time to sit at all, it got to work straight away.

Once I had buffed the cleaning spray into the hob, I took a microfibre cloth to wipe away any excess left behind.

I really like a versatile product as it means there is less likely to be waste and this spray can be used on almost any surface.

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