I used white vinegar to banish tomato from clothing – here’s how it worked

Lynsey Queen of Clean shares her laundry tip

Tomato sauce can pack a punch on fabrics, especially whites because tomatoes have tannins which easily stain fabrics.

Removing this can be tricky, and the chances of getting rid of a tomato sauce stain once it has set into the fabric is quite low.

However, I decided to try white vinegar from my cupboard to see what it did when I put it on a stained t-shirt, and I didn’t have much hope to begin with.

I put the white garment into the washing machine along with a detergent pod designed to target stains. I had also already pretreated it with Vanish but neither seemed to work and I thought I’d have to get rid of the item.

After doing some research, I decided to try white vinegar because I had nothing to lose, I thought the t-shirt was already ruined.

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I used Stardrops White Vinegar Multi-Purpose Cleaning Spray which I picked up in Asda for just 99p as it claimed to remove laundry stains.

I followed the instructions on the bottle which instructed me to spray the stain directly with the white vinegar before leaving it to act for 30 minutes.

White vinegar can remove all kinds of stains, whether used neat, diluted with water or coupled with baking soda.

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It contains acetic acid which helps to remove tough spots and blotches without ruining the fabric of the clothing.

After the 30 minutes was up, the stain had definitely faded but it was still visible so I put it in the washing machine.

I made sure to put it on a cool wash to ensure the stain didn’t melt into the fabric any more than it already had.

The cycle took around an hour to complete and when I removed the garment from the washing machine, the stain had disappeared, with a tiny orange hue left.

I was so surprised as I had already tried a specific stain removal product which didn’t work.

White vinegar can also help to deodorise any clothing, making it perfect to remove sweat stains or coffee.

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