I was slapped with a £700 fine for driving with my phone in my bra – it’s not fair | The Sun

A FEMALE motorist was surprised after being fined for having her mobile phone on her bra.

Jenni Pilz was caught by a high-tech detection camera but claims she did something that most women do when driving. 

The Australian Gold Coast resident received a $1078 (£698) fine and was given four points for being caught having her phone on her bra.

She asked motorists in a post on Phone & Seatbelt Detection Camera Locations Queensland's Facebook group, if it was worth appealing the fine.

"I've been fined for 'resting my phone on my body', Pilz explained on the Facebook group. 

"Unfortunately, I did what many females do, and carried my phone in my bra lol. Parts of it have been visible and the camera caught it.

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''Has anyone had this happen to them and is there any point fighting it?"

Pliz believes that it is impossible to identify if it was her phone or wallet because she had both hands on the steering wheel.

The post has received 120 comments on Facebook with most people thinking it outrageous she was slapped with a fine because she was not using her mobile phone.


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"Fight it you'll win hands down", one user commented. 

Another user said: "I'm struggling to work out how a phone down a woman's bra is any different than a phone in a jeans pocket which is perfectly legal."

But a few users also think the fine she received was fair.

"When are the rules going to sink in, NO part of the body can be touching the phone at any time.

"You just got 1,078 reasons to put it in the glovebox", one user wrote."

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