ICE official who resigned rips Mayorkas' 'photo-op' visit to border: 'Absolutely disgusting'

ICE official who quit over border crisis slams DHS Secretary Mayorkas, says immigration policy will get Americans killed

Thomas Feeley, a former ICE official in Buffalo, discusses immigrants being released into Texas without COVID testing

A former ICE officer who resigned over President Biden’s border policies sarcastically applauded Alejandro Mayorkas for admitting “all his failures” and ripped into the DHS secretary for trying to make the border situation “sound like a good thing.”

“It always amazes me when these officials go down there for no other reason but a photo-op,” said Thomas Feeley, a former ICE official in Buffalo, New York. 

“He rolls out all these huge numbers showing that the Biden administration is failing to protect our border and tries to make it sounds like a good thing—it’s absolutely disgusting.” 

While visiting the border, Mayorkas announced that Border Patrol had encountered 212,672 migrants in the month of July alone. 

“The situation at the border is one of the toughest challenges we face,” Mayorkas said during a Thursday press conference in Brownsville, Texas. “It is complicated, changing, and involves vulnerable people at the time of a global pandemic.”

The former ICE official also criticized the Biden administration for imposing COVID guidelines on American citizens while failing to properly manage the influx of COVID-positive migrants “pouring” into Texas—many of which have not been tested for the virus.

In Laredo, Texas, Mayor Pete Saenz recently explained the lack of testing in his city in an interview with My RGV News. 

“The reason why we don’t do testing is that once you test, there’s an obligation. If they’re positive, we’re told that you have to quarantine,” said Saenz. “We don’t have the infrastructure for that.”

Feeley also added that the ICE Enforcement and Removal Operations directorate (ERO) has been detailed to the southern border to assist Customs and Border Protection as well as Border Patrol in processing, leaving the U.S. without “interior enforcement.”

“I really think Americans need to get back to being Americans and not Republicans and not Democrats because all this is either going to get us really sick, really killed or even worse someday, who knows.”

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