I'm a car expert with 20 years of experience – here’s the craziest purchase I've ever made… now I’m in trouble | The Sun

A CAR expert with 20 years of experience revealed the craziest purchase he's ever made.

Motors pro Car Wizard got himself in trouble after buying the worst truck ever, he said.

The professional mechanic took to social media to explain a "major mistake" after his client splashed money on a new truck.

On a YouTube video he said: "I just made the craziest purchase I've ever made in my life.

His client claimed to have bought a £20k vehicle without realising the truck had a "paint issue".

On the footage he showed the doors and lower part of the 2005 Chevy Silverado scratched with damaged paint.

The cars expert said the models are likely to chip and peel as manufacturers spray the surface with a matte finish that can easily get ruined.

He said: "The GMT 800 which is a wonderful chassis, but I don't think this is supposed to be painted with a matte finish.

"They sprayed painted it but those headlights have seen better days."

Pointing to the front part of the vehicle he added: "It's just tight there in the middle of the cab corner, it's got a wolverine scratch on it.

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"It faded pretty bad. They're not even worth resurfacing. Just replace them with a little bit of hail on the hood.

"I think every single panel on this truck has a major dent in it."

Inspecting the rest of the car, the motorist showed the front bumper area with a visible chipping paint.

He slammed: "I'm telling you it just keeps giving side unseen."

But the list of issues kept going.

Showing the area in the cab door, he realises there is a huge bump from "someone's foot".

While checking the lower part of the car, the mechanic expert realisesthere are a few scratches and peeled off areas.

He then goes on to advise drivers they could be in trouble for buying a car in such conditions as it can cost them "thousands" to repair the faulty paint.

"You normally see these things completely rusted out with the rockers gone. This is quite decent," he said.

The video has now gained more than 161,000 views and thousands of likes with drivers rushing to the comments section to share their thoughts.

One user offered advise on how to fix the paint and said: "Rust replacement panels are probably available cheap, cheaper than trying to bondo the rust anyways.

"You could fix the cab and doors then just replace bed and front clip with later from bone yard."


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It comes as drivers were left stunned after discovering that they can get rid of car paint chips with a £1 household product.

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