I’m furious being slapped with a £60 fine for parking for EIGHT MINUTES… it’s disgusting | The Sun

A FURIOUS motorist has been left 'disgusted' after being fined £60 for parking for just 8 minutes.

He says that the fine is around half of his daily pay.

Ian Dykes, 63, says he was fined for staying in the East Street Car Park in Nottingham for under 10 minutes.

What makes things worse is that, according to Ian, he only stayed in the space for as long as he did because he was trying to pay to park there.

He says he made four attempts to pay which were rejected when he tried to enter his registration number.

Unable to park, Ian, who works for tech company Dell, drove to a nearby multi-story car park and paid for his space there, before setting off to repair a machine at a nearby cinema.

A week later, he says he was hit by a fine out of the blue.

"I work for Dell as an engineer and I was heading for the NG1 to park. There's a cinema by the multi-story car park and I had to go and do a job there to fix a machine.


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"There was a car park just close by and I used the number to ring to pay for the parking. So I rang it and put my registration number in, then they asked for it again so I put it in again – it asked my about four times for the number.

"It wouldn't accept payment so within the eight minutes I was there I thought it's pointless leaving it here, I'll go and park at the multi-story car park, which I did.

"And then a week later I got a fine for £60 fine for trying to pay for parking!"

Ian says that he appealed the fine and showed the parking company the ticket from the multi-story with the 8 minute time difference on it but his protest was rejected.

The company insisted that he pay the fine, he says.

He described the decision as "disgusting."

"That £60 comes out of my daily pay so that's like half my pay for the day. They said that the machine was working fine and it just wasn't, it was just looping all the time.

"It was just a nightmare."

Ian insists that he is not the only one to suffer parking problems.

"Everywhere you go in NG1 there's a problem with the parking – it's a nightmare trying to get close to the businesses where you're called to work.

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"If someone was to come into the city to do some shopping in the city centre, it's a nightmare to park."

Euro Car Parks have been approached for comment.

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