Inside Princess Charlene & Prince Albert’s luxurious palace in Monaco – pictures

Princess Charlene of Monaco shares 'gratitude' for fundraisers

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Princess Charlene and Prince Albert’s home was built in 1191 and is a huge tourist attraction for the area. It draws in huge crowds to take photographs of the iconic exterior, and the staterooms are also open to the public during the summer months. Over the years, royal fans have been given glimpses inside the Prince’s Palace of Monaco.

The palace’s courtyard is the location of choice for special events, and the couple held their engagement photoshoot there.

They also celebrated their wedding at the palace, giving royal fans another look inside their decadent walls.

The jaw-dropping wedding photos revealed a double marble staircase that was adorned with stunning green and white flowers.

Red carpets were laid across the floor and the guests sat on red velour chairs.

The palace’s ornate archways and detailed wall decorations made the backdrop even more spectacular for their special ceremony.

The family often use the balcony area to stand and pose for photographs and the public, just as the British Royal Family use the balcony at Buckingham Palace.

As well as being a tourist attraction, and the location for landmark events, this palace is a practical home for Prince Albert, 63, Princess Charlene, 43, and their two children Jacques and Gabriella, who are twins aged six.

The appearance of a palace was strongly influenced by the Italian Renaissance.

The original painted decorations and a number of rooms in the State Apartments resemble this and have been completely updated, preserved, and restored.

In the 17th and 18th centuries, the palace housed extensive art collections which were scattered when the French Revolution reached Monaco.

After being disused for over twenty years, the palace was refurbished in 1814 and again at the end of the 19th century.

The ceremonial rooms of the State Apartments were then arranged more or less as they are today.

Five years ago, Prince Albert II decided to carry out a major restoration of the palace’s exterior and interior painted decorations.

The approach taken by the restoration team is intended to respect both the environment and the integrity of the historical heritage.

For the public, a new look inside the palace should be possible from spring 2022 onwards.

The Princess has not seen her home in Monaco since May, however.

Princess Charlene remains in South Africa after receiving treatment for an infection, and the royal is hoping she will be well enough to return home to Prince Albert and her children this month.

Despite being away from her family home for so long, the royal was able to reunite with her husband and children for a short while, when they visited her.

She shared some heartwarming photos of herself cuddling the twins.

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