iPhone owners are only just realising that they can remove scratches with a 30p product that everyone has at home | The Sun

IPHONES don't come cheap so it's no wonder you want to keep it in perfect condition.

But overtime your smartphone can succumb to scratches.

Fortunately there's a really cheap way that could help to magically clear them away.

And all it takes is an everyday stationery eraser.

According to CNET, it's "great" for making scratches disappear.

"The friction softens the eraser and it fills in the scratch," the site says.

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A white rubber is best, or you could even use the one of the end of a pencil.

And stationery rubbers are pretty cheap from shops like B&M, The Range and Wilko if you can't find one.

Just rub the scratch from left to right for about 60 seconds, then up and down for another 60 seconds.

But make sure you don't press down too hard as this could damage the screen even more.

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So give it a go and see – results really depend how deep the scratches are.

The site tested a number of widely touted TikTok hacks to see whether they're real or a myth.

A common one that's been debunked is toothpaste.

Their test revealed that it simply made the screen shinier and appeared to add some small abrasion marks too.

Experts have previously said that toothpaste can actually cause far worse damage to your smartphone's display.

Xiaomi revealed last year in a YouTube video that putting toothpaste on any smartphone, whether it be iPhone or an Android device, can cause further damage.

"The microscopic particles inside cannot effectively repair the glass material of our smartphone screen," the company says.

"In fact, toothpaste is an alkaline substance, which may destroy the oleophobic coating acid resistance over time.

So if your phone screen cracks, toothpaste cannot solve the problem."

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