‘It was falling apart’ DIY dad transforms caravan into stylish space for £2,000 – pictures

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Caravan holidays have become increasingly popular in the last couple of years with more Britons opting to travel in the UK. Matthew Daniel, 28, a painter and decorator who lives in Doncaster, was giving an old caravan that was “falling apart”, with a goal of transforming it into a stylish space for his family. Speaking to LatestDeals.co.uk, Matthew shared his money-saving journey.

Matthew, a dad of two and stepdad of four, explained: “We had a Spain holiday cancelled twice, so we used the money from that and decided to use that money for a staycation.

“I was always on caravan holidays when I was a kid so I thought it would be a great idea to renovate one. I got the caravan during the first lockdown.

“We got it given to us for free from a family member as it was old and no good in the state it was in.”

Matthew decided to renovate the caravan, changing it from a two-berth space to a four-berth.

He added: “I completely stripped the caravan back to a shell on the rear end and just left the top half of the front end in place.

“All the electrics were stripped out and redone by my friend who is an electrician.

“All the plumbing was stripped out and done by myself.”

For the double bed, the DIY dad built the base out of CLS timbers and plasterboard.

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For the bunk beds, old foam was used from the sofa.

When it came to the shower area, Matthew ordered a caravan shower tray and an instant hot shower from eBay.

He continued: “For the walls, I used vinyl floor tiles and stuck them on using a contact adhesive.

“I applied three coats of yacht varnish to seal them from the water, silicone all around and installed a new waste pipe and water feed.

“I also installed a new water diagram pump to feed the water from the onboard tank.

“I then installed a small plastic caravan sink purchased from eBay.

“For the flooring, we just got some cheap lino from a local flooring shop and laid that throughout.”

Matthew also fitted an electrical hob purchased from eBay and kept the original fridge.

The worktops and shelves were fitted using wardrobe end panels from B&Q.

The DIY dad explained: “They are light and look decent for what we used it for – and they are cheaper than your standard worktops.

“We fitted all new sockets, a leisure battery and new 12v LED lighting purchased from eBay too.

“All in, it cost us just over £2,000. We bought most things locally and from eBay.

“We saved probably a good £2,000 doing it ourselves!”

Matthew is thrilled with the renovation and said his family are loving the new space.

Tom Church, co-founder of LatestDeals.co.uk, commented: “Covid has seen a huge surge in demand for caravan sales as more and more holidaymakers are choosing staycations over the uncertainty of travelling abroad.

“While caravans are definitely expensive if you buy one new with all the bells and whistles, Matthew’s transformation shows you can keep it to a strict budget and save so much money compared to flying abroad for holidays.

“Even if you don’t know anyone giving a caravan away for free, look around on eBay, Facebook Marketplace and Gumtree, as there are always amazing deals to be had if you are happy to do the renovation yourself.”

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