‘It’s brilliant!’ Mrs Hinch fans share best ways to clean leather sofas – ‘smells lovely’

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Mrs Hinch is a cleaning influencer with more than four million followers on Instagram. Thanks to her success, other cleaning enthusiasts have now made Facebook groups in her honour, where they share their favourite cleaning tips and tricks with each other.

On one Facebook page, Mrs Hinch fan Puja Kumar wanted to know how to clean a leather sofa.

She wrote: “Dear Hinchers, please could you recommend the best way to clean these white leather sofas.

“I have already once paid for a professional clean about a year ago but can’t afford again. Thanks in advance for your help.”

The post was inundated with comments in minutes and other Mrs Hinch fans offered their best tips.

Some cleaning fans shared natural methods, while others recommended using chemical products.

Kath Semple wrote: “When we bought our leather suite we were told just water and small amount of fairy liquid! That’s all I have ever used.”

Louise Summer said: “Get a babies sponge and a bar of Dove soap. It will come up so clean and smell lovely. Used it all time on mine.”

Julie Remmer agreed. She commented: “Dove soap will work wonders. Small dish of water lather up a good froth and use sponge to apply and wash couch then dry with clean white towel.”

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Soap was a popular choice, and others recommended the product too.

Sheila Whibley wrote: “My daughter-in-law told me how to clean my leather suite when I had it.

“She said her aunt worked in a furniture store and they use pure soap flakes and warm water to clean the ones on display in the showroom.”

Carol Lamb added: “100 percent agree. I had a cream leather suit and did this as a leather repair man told me a cup full of soap flakes to a washing up bowl of warm water it comes up amazing!”

Sharon Basford commented: “I always use Dove soap, it moisturises the leather.”

Justine Sharratt said: “Soap flakes just dissolved in hot water to make it foamy – use a clean cloth and squeeze out most of the water so you’re just using mainly the suds.”

Alison Henderson added: “Soapy warm water Dove or baby soap. Buff dry with a clean cloth then use leather silk.”

Samantha Kane wrote: “Bar of Dove soap in warm water – it’s brilliant.”

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Amanda Robinson advised something similar, saying: “Could try saddle soap. It’s used to clean horses’ saddles and bridles, love the smell too.”

Sue Rydiard wrote: “Baby shampoo and a face cloth. Scratch doctor do a range of products for scratches!! Leather silk puts a layer on when it’s clean.”

Samantha Cannon said: “I use a soft cloth and Johnson’s baby soap.”

Louise McLean added: “Baby soap and nail brush.”

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