Jaguar Land Rover unveils electric self-driving car that will be used on UK roads next year

JAGUAR Land Rover has revealed a electric driverless car that will hit UK roads as early as next year.

The self-driving pods will be trialled in Coventry in 2021 to test how it interacts with other vehicles, road users and pedestrians.

The vehicles – dubbed Project Vector – were unveiled yesterday at the National Automotive Innovation Centre at Warwick University.

Prince Charles was in attendance at the event to get a glimpse of the sustainable models of the future.

The driverless motors can carry up to six people at a time and measures around four metres, similar to a Volkswagen Polo or Ford Fiesta.

It will powered by a 90Kwh battery that will allow it travel up to 190 miles between charges and reach a top speed of 40mph.

All of the car's battery and electric parts are packaged into a flat floor, with the passenger compartment built on top of it.

This allows for the cabin's seating to be configured for two to six people.

Jaguar Land Rover is planning to work with Coventry City Council and the West Midlands authorities to create a mobility service in late 2021.

Around 20 transit vehicles are likely to be trialled in the first phase in Warwick University.

Dr Tim Leverton, project director, said: "With the technology and engineering power of Jaguar Land Rover, we can provide a unique opportunity for innovators to develop highly-functional urban mobility services, seamlessly integrated into everyday life.

"We’ve identified a few areas that look suitable.

"Not just on campus but also potentially to help with bringing students and staff into that area.

"If we look at somewhere like the Tile Hill area (of Coventry]) there are around 2,000 people there who make a journey in and out of the university every day."

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