Joe Concha details '18-wheeler' Biden's history of lies, the media's silence is deafening

Joe Concha rattles off Biden’s list of lies, media remains largely silent

The Fox News contributor slams Biden for past lies, including most recently, a claim that he used to drive 18-wheeler trucks.

This article is adapted from Joe Concha’s video commentary.

President Biden can basically say whatever he wants — and get away with it! 

So, are we starting to catch on that maybe — just maybe – the 46th president of the United States isn’t the second coming of George Washington on the truth-telling front? 

Exhibit Z occurred this week when Mr. Biden visited a truck plant in Pennsylvania and declared to workers that he used to drive an 18 wheeler. 

I was asked about this recently during an interview on Fox Business with David Asman where I joked that Biden had taken an 18-wheeler straight to South Africa to see Nelson Mandela before being arrested.

Now, of course, that didn’t happen. But Biden did say once he was arrested trying to visit with Mandela in South Africa.  Again, that never happened. 

And just imagine the mockery from two-thirds of cable news, from late-night TV if a guy named Trump made such a claim about being a trucker. 

Oh, wait, that kind of already happened — well without the whole lying part.

Joe Biden is also the guy who said as president the new Georgia voting law prevents working people from getting to the polls before they get off work. 


He also said the Second Amendment bans cannons. 


And he said that if you get vaccinated, you can’t get COVID. He said that just last week to Don Lemon at the CNN town hall.  


Well of course we’ve known that Biden has had this Brian Williams tick for years, going back more than 30 years to when he first ran for president. He had to pull out that 1988 race. Why? Plagiarism, of course. 

But the president will continue to get away with invalid truths big and small because the people who are supposed to hold him accountable – the same ones who screamed about the need to speak truth to power under the previous president – are as silent as lambs when it comes to applying the same mantra to this one.

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