Joe Concha: Inflation catastrophe can't be spun by Biden, media

Concha: Biden, media cannot spin this inflation catastrophe

Fox News contributor Joe Concha discusses the latest numbers on the inflation crisis

This article is adapted from Joe Concha’s video commentary.

It’s the No. 1 issue hitting a Biden administration that is already facing multiple crises: skyrocketing inflation.

The consumer price index for October was recently released by the Labor Department, and the number is more horrifying than even the experts thought it would be.  

Bottom line: Consumer prices are now up 6.2 percent from the same time last year. That’s the highest increase in the U.S. in 30 years.  

And yet, Team Biden keeps insisting that we need to pass yet another multi-trillion-dollar spending bill, on top of the other trillion dollars in spending already passed.  

You don’t need to get take an ECON 101 course to understand that printing more money, at this level, will only serve as jetfuel to push inflation even higher.  

And no Jen “Psakibomb,” no canned speech from the president, and no desperate media spin is going to fix this  

In a related story, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg was in Scotland, talking about climate change and paternity leave, instead of addressing the supply chain crisis, which is playing a big role in this jump in inflation, while his Vice President was in France, instead of at the U.S. southern border.  

Overall, President Biden hasn’t met with his senior cabinet members since – checks notes – July.  

In the end, every single American will feel the impact of inflation, particularly as winter sets in and the cost of heating your home is up more than 50 percent, while the cost of gas for your car is up more than 40 percent.

And groceries are way up too.

Biden never ran a business in his life, but now we’re supposed to expect him to lead us out of this crisis?  

More than 7-in-10 Americans say the country is headed in the wrong direction. That number is only going to get worse.  

And here we were told that the adults were back in charge. Yeah … I don’t think so. 

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