Joe Concha: Tragic Kabul massacre a consequence of Biden's Afghanistan mess

Joe Concha: Kabul bombing the tragic result of Biden’s mess in Afghanistan

The Fox News contributor reacts to the deadly attacks outside the Kabul airport.

This article is adapted from Joe Concha’s video commentary.

In Afghanistan, here’s where things really go downhill, and the carnage unfortunately won’t end anytime soon.

We could see this coming: Explosions at Kabul International Airport on Thursday, and reports of at least 12 U.S. service members killed.

The attack comes just hours after the State Department warned Americans to get away from the airport due to an imminent threat. With the U.S. military pulling out completely as early as next week, it’s hard to see how this doesn’t get worse before it gets better, if it gets better. 

Because how could a country with the powder keg of the Taliban, ISIS, Al Qaeda, and other bad actors, possibly be safe for anyone?

Especially for all of those Americans who may be left behind, and those thousands of Afghans who supported them. 

As all of this goes on, President Biden continues to hide from the American media, and when he does answer a question, it goes something like this:

Know this: There is no Jen #PsakiBomb that can fix this. No speech from the president that can fix this rapidly deteriorating crisis in Afghanistan. 

It’s a crisis the Biden administration believes they’re actually doing a great job in handling. The White House is even asking the media to give them the “props” they deserve, as Politico put it: 

Are you kidding me? That request is one that even the US press ain’t buying, nor is the American public. 

What an absolute mess, a mess of Team Biden’s own creation, and a mess that just made Americans infinitely less safe. 

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