Karl Rove: Vaccine outreach should be non-political, not carried out by left-wing activists

Rove: North Carolina Dems attempting to ‘grow political power’

Former White House deputy chief of staff Karl Rove discusses Democrat activists pushing coronavirus vaccinations and Biden’s agenda.

Former White House Deputy Chief of Staff Karl Rove joined “Fox News Primetime” Thursday to discuss the left’s politicization of COVID vaccine outreach, saying it is being done to further political power.

Rove: I’m in favor of outreach efforts. We’ve got to be able to take these lifesaving vaccines across the country, but it ought to be done entirely outside of politics, done by doctors and nurses and health education, people drawn from health education programs at colleges and the scouts and service groups at churches and local leaders. It shouldn’t be politics. Action North Carolina is an intensely left-wing, very ideological and very active political group. Go to their website. It starts with a gigantic call on the readers of the website to demand that Senators Tillis and Burr, both Republicans, support the president, expand government, spend more money. 

In fact, in their description of their mission, they say their mission is to grow political power, and yet they are somehow involved and it’s shady. Are we using taxpayer dollars?.. We’re using taxpayer dollars to pay for the vaccines and the support services. So are we, in essence, subsidizing a political organization in between elections? 

If you’re in the White House and you’re attempting to solve this problem, do you really want to pollute it with a big draw-up of highly partisan and ideological groups rather than focusing on the mission at hand? Are these people around in, let’s say, Nebraska? Are these people around in let’s say Rhode Island?.. In fact, the list I’ve seen is virtually only states that are swing states, close states from the 2020 election. Somebody in the White House and somebody at the Department of Health and Human Services has to be held to account. Who’s making these decisions? Who’s allowing politics to enter into something that ought to be as far away from politics as possible?


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