KFC is bringing back its popular fireplace logs that smell like fried chicken and have sold out 2 years running — here's how to get one

  • KFC announced Monday that it's bringing back its fried chicken-scented fireplace log for the third year in a row. 
  • Customers can purchase a log for $15.88 on Walmart's website and at select store locations. 
  • KFC is known for its wacky marketing tactics and unusual products. 
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With the holiday season fast approaching, KFC is bringing back its chicken-scented firelog for the third year running. 

The KFC 11 Herbs & Spices Firelog — developed in partnership with Enviro-Log — is now available for purchase, the chain announced Monday. KFC is selling the log exclusively through Walmart this year, and customers can purchase one for $15.88 on Walmart's website and at select store locations. 

According to a press release, the log is "designed to make your home smell like fried chicken and feel as warm as an Extra Crispy drumstick." This is the first time the product will be available in-store, and also the first time it will be sold in Canada.

"For the past two years we have warmed the hearts and homes of our fried-chicken fans during the holiday season with our 11 Herbs & Spices Firelog," Andrea Zahumensky, KFC US' chief marketing officer said in a statement. "Although this year may look different, we hope that by expanding our exclusive partnership with Enviro-Log and Walmart, people can once again grab a fried-chicken scented firelog, order a bucket of chicken from KFC, and savor the tastes, smells and warmth of what has become our favorite holiday tradition."

KFC debuted the product for the 2018 holiday season, selling it for $18.99 through its own dedicated website. The logs sold out nationwide the last two years, according to KFC. 

The chicken chain is known for its unusual and attention-grabbing marketing strategies. In 2016, the company gave away 3,000 bottles of chicken-scented sunscreen, and in 2019 it created a faux bear-skin rug that resembled Colonel Sanders as part of a Valentine's Day giveaway. 

Last year, the chain launched crowdfunding campaigns for bizarre projects including a hot tub that looks like a KFC bucket, a pop-up picnic kit, and a "Colonel on Ice" show. 

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