Kim Woodburn’s method to ‘get the muck off’ your washing machine – do it every time

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Cleaning guru Kim Woodburn rose to notoriety on the TV programme How Clean Is Your House. She is known for her no-nonsense approach to the home and most other things and has amused fans on the likes of Celebrity Big Brother and Loose Women. What laundry tips and tricks does Kim have? How does she keep her laundry smelling lovely and how does she tackle cleaning her washing machine?

Kim’s first tip was one for pinching the pennies, something she points out is all too important to Britons at the moment.

The cleaner, who recently detailed her 10-minute daily cleaning routine, told readers: “Do not do your washing between 4pm and 7pm. It’s very busy loves and will cost a fortune.”

Some Britons may not be aware that the cost of energy prices changes throughout the day.

The most expensive time to wash clothes is between 4pm and 7pm. The least expensive is between 10pm and 5am.

So, nighttime laundry is most cost-effective, if these times work for you.

Kim also advised making sure you are washing a full load each time to save cash.

She said: “Make sure you have enough to wash each time you do a load.

“If ever there was a time it’s right now, in 2022, to cut down on our gas and electricity and only wash when you need to.”

As for keeping the washing machine clean, Kim has a tip she suggests after every wash.

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Keeping the washing machine itself clean helps to keep your laundry clean.

Your home and clothes will smell better if you keep on top of the hygiene in the washing machine.

Kim advised: “You know when you open your washing machine, run your fingers with a paper towel around the rubber rim and get the muck off.”

It’s also a good idea to give your washing machine a helping hand if your laundry is very dirty.

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Give the laundry a head start by soaking it.

Kim said: “If your washing is exceptionally dirty soak it in the sink overnight and then wash it.

“Don’t put it straight in the washing machine if it’s downright filthy.

“Soak the stuff first, use common sense lovelies. Laziness leads to a dirty washing machine.”

Kim has paired up with Poundland to create a selection of cleaning essentials.

Kim said: “The products I brought out are common sense products. I was encouraged by Poundland to bring out a good range of cleaning products and it was imperative to me for them to be good value and that they really work.

“We’ve kept the price to affordable at £1.00 where possible.”

The debut range of glamorous cleaning solutions comes in Kim’s iconic pink hue.

The 15 products span from washing up gloves and a dustpan and brush to multi-purpose cleaners and air fresheners.

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