Lahren: Make no mistake, the war on parents is far from over

Lahren: Make no mistake, the war on parents is far from over

In her Final Thoughts commentary on Monday, Fox Nation host Tomi Lahren reacted to what she called a “sick and crazy” report suggesting that an Arizona school board president collected personal data – including financial information – on at least 47 parents who were outspoken against the school’s coronavirus mandates.

“First they told us concerned parents were akin to domestic terrorists, then they lost an election in Virginia and walked it back,” Lahren told viewers, “but make no mistake, the war on parents is far from over.”

The Fox Nation host pointed to Glenn Youngkin’s victory in Virginia, which was in large part due to fed-up parents taking action against critical race theory and its embrace on left-leaning school boards across the state.

“Telling parents to butt out of their children’s education doesn’t go over so well with voters,” Lahren said. “But if you thought these teachers, these school boards and these unions would get the hint and shape up, well you’d be wrong.”

Over the weekend, an Arizona school board said it will hire a private investigator after several parents claimed Scottsdale Unified School District’s (SUSD) Governing Board President Jann-Michael Greenburg collected personal data on close to 50 parents.

Scottsdale school board President Jann-Michael Greenburg (Scottsdale Unified School District) Parents protest at a Scottsdale school board meeting. Photo courtesy Amy Carney (Amy Carney)
((Scottsdale Unified School District/Amy Carney)

Divorce records, bankruptcy documents, mortgage statements and photos of parents and children who were critical of coronavirus-related mandates were allegedly compiled in a folder called the CAN Network, first reported local news outlet, Scottsdale Independent

“This is some sick and crazy stuff,” Lahren said, “But why would this board president need to collect oppo research on parents? Could it be because a group of concerned parents have been petitioning to have Greenburg removed for his extreme COVID policies?”

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