Learner drivers will be tested using videos instead of written scenarios in major shake up – The Sun

LEARNERS will soon be quizzed using video scenarios in their theory test in an bid to make them more accessible for motorists.

Video clips are set to replace written situations in the driving theory examination to help new motorists with reading difficulties and disabilities.

Learners taking their test from April 14 will be made to watch a 30-second scenario of different driving conditions, such as through a town centre or on a country road.

Drivers will then need to answer three multiple-choice questions about the clip.

The changes comes as new research reveals learners with reading difficulties and disabilities feel more comfortable with video situations as they can better process information on a screen.

The revised format will also make the test more realistic, as it mirrors the way drivers take in and react to information while behind the wheel.

Mark Winn, chief driving examiner at DVSA, said: "DVSA’s priority is to help everyone through a lifetime of safe driving.

"Being able to drive can be life-changing and the DVSA is committed to helping everyone access the opportunities driving can offer.

"We have worked closely with road safety experts and learners to create a theory test which fully tests a candidate’s knowledge of the rules of the road and is more accessible."

The Department for Transport launched its inclusive transport strategy in 2018 in a bid to make driving accessible for more Brits.

Drivers with disabilities or health conditions can also request extra time to take the test, as well as asking for someone to read what's on the screen.

John Rogers, a spokesman for the Disability Driving Instructors, said: "A picture paints a thousand words, especially for candidates with special educational needs.

"Having to go back and forth between the text in the written scenario and the written questions and answers was a big obstacle to understanding what was required.

"Video scenarios should prove much easier to follow and the questions will hopefully appear more relevant."

Last week, we revealed thousands of new drivers could be getting behind the wheel despite never testing their skills at night.

More than a third of all crashes involving young Brits happen at night, with many of these incidents causing serious injuries or death.

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