'Let's go Brandon' boat wins Virginia parade contest, then stripped of award

CNN’s Jim Acosta attempts to downplay ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ chants: ‘Like a slam on Joe Biden or whatever’

CNN host Jim Acosta on Sunday attempted to downplay the popular "Let’s Go Brandon" chants permeating across the country, referring to them as something "right-wingers" think is "like a slam on Joe Biden or whatever."

A boat emblazoned with the anti-President Biden message, “Let’s go, Brandon,” in Christmas lights has been disqualified from a Virginia holiday parade after it initially won the No. 1 prize.

The boat was awarded first place at the annual Yorktown Lighted Boat Parade contest Saturday evening, but hours later, the Yorktown Foundation, the non-profit organization that sponsors the parade, announced the boat had been disqualified and stripped it of its award over its “overt political message.”

“The event organizers immediately notified the judges that the boat would be disqualified because its political statements were at odds with the mission of the Foundation, and the second-place boat would be advanced to the winning position,” a member of the Yorktown Foundation’s board of directors, Walt Akers, said in a statement, WTKR reported. “Further, the event organizers agreed to take steps in the coming year to review all entries in advance and ensure that they do not detract from the community spirit that this event is designed to foster.”

The anti-Biden phrase "Let’s go, Brandon!" has become a national sensation. 
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“While we recognize that political divisiveness is a factor in our daily discourse, we DO NOT want it to negatively impact anyone’s enjoyment of our community events,” the statement continued. “We regret that this incident occurred, and we will work to avoid such events in the future.”

Organizers ended up giving the prize to the runner-up, a boat called “Peace on Earth” that featured singing angels in white, the Daily Press reported.

Bill Berger, the boat’s owner, defended his decorations in a Facebook post, saying no actual profanity was used.

A NASCAR fan holds a "Lets Go Brandon" sign during the NASCAR Xfinity Series Andy’s Frozen Custard 335 at Texas Motor Speedway on October 16, 2021 in Fort Worth, Texas. (Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images)

“If you choose to interpret ‘bad words’ that’s on you,” he wrote, the Daily Press reported. “No curse words ever from my boat.”

The phrase “Let’s go, Brandon” first exploded in October after an NBC reporter mistakenly used the phrase to describe a NASCAR crowd that was chanting “F— Joe Biden.” 

It has since become a wildly popular anti-Biden rallying cry, breaking out at concerts, sporting events and even churches.

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