Levin: Joe Biden is the closest thing to a dictator America has ever had

Levin: Joe Biden is the closest thing to a dictator America has ever had

‘Life, Liberty & Levin’ host warns personal liberties and freedoms are under attack under the Biden administration.

“Life, Liberty & Levin” host Mark Levin said Sunday that the president’s vaccine mandate is an affront to “your personal liberties” and represents a troubling nod towards a tyrannical government. 

Levin, a vocal opponent of Biden’s planned vaccine mandate on businesses with more than 100 employees, told viewers over the weekend that it represents the fruition of “the American Marxist movement that I have been warning you about.”

“This is tyranny, and it is getting more aggressive,” Levin said. ” Joe Biden gave a speech the other day, he always walks off, he never takes questions, like he is some kind of a dictator. He is the closest thing we have to a dictator yet,” the host said.

“He does not treat you as a citizen, he is yelling at you, condemning you, he’s filled with scorn, you are not doing what he told you to do, 80 million of you are unvaccinated. You are the reason people are dying, you are the reason there is a spread, you’re the reason there are these variants, not him.”

Levin scolded Biden for repeatedly criticizing former President Trump’s handling of the pandemic, despite no major vaccines developments emerging under Biden’s leadership.

“Remember he used to use blame Donald Trump for every death from Coronavirus. How many new vaccines have been developed under Joe Biden, none? And either therapeutics? Many under Donald Trump, none that I’m aware of right now,” Levin said.

Levin encouraged Biden to look towards his open-border policy before pointing fingers at unvaccinated Americans.

“Now, it is your fault, not Biden’s fault for having the southern border open, and potentially 2.5 million people coming across the border in his first year, many of whom have all kinds of diseases and issues that include the Coronavirus,” the host said.

Instead, Levin continued, Biden delivered a speech, “in which he congratulated himself, attacks the governor of Florida and Texas, dismisses everything that came before him.”

“This is a man who is out of control. This is a fool with enormous power,” the host said.

Levin emphasized that his concern with Biden’s mandate is separate from his support for the vaccine itself, which has been proven to be a critical factor in fighting COVID-19.

“You can support vaccinations, as I do,” he said, “without supporting tyranny.”

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