‘Looks brand new!’ Easy way to clean burn marks off electric hobs – no scratching

Daily Express tests out Pink Stuff cleaning paste on burnt pan

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Kitchen grease can slowly build up over time, combined with dirt and dust and it can become a grimey nightmare. Express.co.uk spoke to Howard Moss, CEO at Astonish about the best ways to clean an electric cooker hob which is suffering from burn marks – without scratching it. 

Howard said: “On a daily basis to remove food residues, especially when raw meats have been handled or food has been prepped. 

“Ensure the used areas are cleaned thoroughly to avoid chances of food poisoning. 

“I would recommend Kitchen Cleaner and Specialist Grease Lifter for more challenging tasks. 

“Burnt on surfaces will also require hot water to lift off any tough grime. 

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“You don’t need hot water, simply spray and leave to work its magic. 

“Grease Lifter uses baking soda for enhanced degreasing power,” he explained. 

The specialist grease cleaner is “fast acting and easy to use”. 

It is ideal to use on “baking trays, grill pans, cooker hoods, kitchen surfaces and many more items prone to grease build-ups”. 

To use Astonish’s Kitchen Cleaner and Specialist Grease Lifter, there are two steps. 

1. Spray and leave for one to two mins. 

2. Wipe with a clean damp cloth.

For heavy grease or marks, repeat the steps. 

Not only is the product great, but it also comes in a “fully recyclable bottle, cruelty-free, vegan and biodegradable”. 

But what do customers think? 

Johnson wrote: “This product is amazing, it removes built on grime with ease and smells lovely.” 

Maria S added: “It’s a great cleaner on cooker hobs and around the kitchen.” 

Tracey B said: “Excellent stuff. Cleans easily, another brilliant product.” 

Rosie S commented: “The degreaser is very effective, better than similar products.” 

Margaret C explained: “Bought this to use on a very greasy oven shelf with the hope of reusing it in my new oven. Without too much effort it came up like brand new, could hardly distinguish it from the new one.” 

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