‘Magic ingredient’ to clean windows in fast with ‘streak-free’ results

'Clean It, Fix It' viewers amazed at window cleaning hack

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Window cleaning carried out the right way helps maintain the sleek look of the glass panes. However, cleaning windows can often result in numerous unsightly streaks that catch the light just as homeowners think they have finished the chore. 

To help Britons effectively clean their windows, a Mrs Hinch fan posted on Facebook about how they managed to achieve “streak-free” results after washing their windows with a “magic ingredient”.

Amanda Rodgers wrote: “Thank you everyone who posted car window screen wash for the house windows. It’s a game changer. I’ve just tried it and my windows are completely streak-free thanks to this magic ingredient.

“I just added some care screen wash to a little warm water and wiped the windows with it and then used a microfibre cloth to dry off.”

Other Mrs Hinch fans were quick to comment on the window cleaning hack. Carolann Murphy said: “It’s amazing. I always use it to clean my windows for a streak-free finish.”

Sue Oakley commented: “Same here. Also discovered this last week!  Can’t believe all the rubbish window cleaning products I’ve wasted so much money on over the years.”

Tray James noted: “It makes cleaning windows effortless and quick. I never want to go back to using anything else.”

Sally Trainor wrote: “Yep screen wash diluted. Game changer. I wouldn’t use anything else.”

Car screen wash is a great product, not only to use on car windows but also on windows around the house. It is stronger and often contains a repellent, to help prevent a build-up of water stains.

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Rather than using a regular window cleaner, a car glass cleaner can prevent hard water stains that build up when it rains.

Using a car cleaner on windows every week could be an easier and faster solution. It can be picked up from Halfords, as well as major supermarkets.

However, for those who do not have car screen wash hanging around, other cleaning enthusiasts suggested using white vinegar and water.

Dawn Collings said: “Alternatively, one part white vinegar, three parts water. Wash down with a sponge (no liquid), spray with said mixture, wipe down with kitchen roll, rub down with newspaper and polish up with a microfibre cloth.”

Lauren Niven commented: “White vinegar is great for windows. I never have any streaks when I use it.”

Carol Blanchard added: “My husband uses white vinegar all the time on our windows and it’s never failed us.”

White vinegar is extremely acidic, and that is what makes it such a good natural cleaner. 

It can dissolve stubborn water marks, soap scum, and other nasty build-ups in no time at all and doesn’t damage the environment.

However, it’s important to note that while white vinegar has some antibacterial properties, it can’t kill all bacteria and viruses it encounters.

For this reason, you should probably clean windows with something stronger first and treat white vinegar as a finishing touch.

Before cleaning your windows, it’s very important to dust them. If you miss this step, bits of dust and dirt will stick to the window and could scratch it.

Use a dry cloth or paper towel to get rid of the dust on the window. Lay down a towel underneath the window to catch any drips of vinegar during the process.

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