Man explains scheme could save up to £506 on bills

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People can save time and money with Utility Warehouse (UW) as well as make some money. Joga became a partner for UW in 2007. It is a multiservice utility provider.

They also have a scheme called UW partners which allows customers to earn money from recommendations.

Joga has been a UW partner for 14 years.

When asked about why he does it, Joga said: “Family has been a key driver for me. UW has changed our lives massively.

“Six years ago we had our first child through IVF and that was funded through the hours I worked with UW.

“Having all that time off would be difficult in a traditional job but more importantly the income has allowed my wife and I to have that time off.”

He added: “It gives me financial security and peace of mind and just having that time freedom means we can enjoy those moments together and really build some memories.”

Over the 14 years with UW, Joga has met a lot of people and heard their stories.

He said: “You can see people who start the journey and they are very shy or they’re not in a great financial position but they are able to change that and control their lives.

“For anyone thinking of becoming a UW partner, it’s great fun. The people you meet through it you’d never meet anywhere else.”

He explained UW has introduced a new £506 saving on essential household bills.

The UW’s Bundle includes £125 Energy Discount.

New and existing customers can make savings of up to £506 when they bundle together their energy with at least three other services, including the cheapest energy prices in the UK, at £125 below the government’s Energy Price Guarantee.

Buying all these services separately would cost a typical household £3,522, compared to UW’s bundle costing £3,066.

By adding a UW Cashback Card, customers can get an additional £50 credit, plus up to 10 percent straight off their bills when they spend using the card at selected retailers.

For more information on the savings available, people can visit their website.

Stuart Burnett, Co-CEO of Utility Warehouse said: “As we approach winter and the weather starts to change, we’re committed to helping our customers save hundreds of pounds every year by bundling their energy along with other key utilities.

“With other energy suppliers all pricing within £10 of the £2500 Energy Price Guarantee, UW offers our multiservice customers an energy discount of up to £125 as part of a bigger bundle that could help you save £506 a year on domestic bills.”

By bundling together their utilities with UW, households can get energy savings of up to £125 against the Government’s Energy Price Guarantee.

Britons can also get one of the most competitive SIM-only deals in the UK, with all you can eat texts, minutes, and data for just £18 a month.

Additionally they offer 10 percent discount on broadband with no RPI/CPI linked price hikes and five star Defaqto rated insurance products with great value annual renewals

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