Martin Lewis’ Money Saving Expert website shares 60 ways Britons can make more money

Passive income: Expert on making money when you're not working

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These money making tips could prove invaluable to cash-strapped Britons right now. Many are struggling amid rising fuel prices and the soaring cost of energy bills.

Among the usual tips like switching bank accounts and selling unwanted items on online selling sites – there are a few less obvious ones.

The website suggests that Britons look into selling their old wedding dresses.

It states: “You could get £500 plus for a sought-after dress by a well-known designer.”

One reader wrote in and said: “I put my dress on Pre-loved and had interest from someone who had tried it on in a bridal shop.

“She came to try on and bought it for £550. Very happy!”

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Another idea is to try life modelling which could help people earn an extra £20 an hour.

On the website it says: “If you have the confidence to go nude (or semi-nude in some cases), life modelling is a fun way of earning extra cash.

“For a few hours’ work, you can usually get a very good rate of pay because it’s very hard to recruit for this role.”

People can check out their local classifieds or the Register of Artists’ Models.

Other tips include selling unwanted rubbish like toilet rolls and perfume bottles and taking part in surveys.

Although some of these suggestions will only help people make a few extra pounds, every little bit adds up.

The full 60 plus ways to earn extra money was published on the Money Saving Expert website this week.

Meanwhile, has come up with its own tips and tricks to help Britons survive the cost of living crisis.

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Readers have been telling us how they’ve been making hundreds of pounds doing some really fun things.

Paul Croker and Carolynne Selway have both made up to £250 a day as film and TV extras.

Others like Helen Pritchard and Will Pointing are hiring out their houses as sets for film crews.

The survival guide looks at ways to make more money from free cash to side hustles – 50 ways Britons can make extra money as bills rise.

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