Moment BMW breaks new Highway Code change while passing little girl cycling near school

THIS is the shocking moment a BMW broke a new Highway Code rule while passing a little girl near her school.

The terrifying footage shows the reckless driver narrowly avoiding the young girl during an “impatient overtake”.

It’s thought the incident took place on Gilmerton Road, near Liberton High School in Edinburgh on Friday, March 18, at 4.35pm.

The video, shot by a local cyclist, Steve, shows the white BMW swerving in front of the child before driving off at speed.

It comes after changes to the Highway Code came into force earlier this year.

In the rule book shake up drivers who are not mindful of cyclists and pedestrians could incur some costly penalties.

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One of the major changes was that drivers must give cyclists at least five feet of space when overtaking on any roads.

This new rule is to help keep riders safe on the roads, and to make motorists more aware of their surroundings.

If there is not enough room for the driver to give this amount of space, then they should wait behind the cyclists until they can overtake safely.

Also, if a car is turning and there are cyclists are next to it, the car must wait for them to pass.

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​​Speaking to Edinburgh Live, Steve, 38 said: "I considered reporting this to the police, and several people have encouraged me to, but previous experience has taught me that it's almost certainly a waste of time for me and the responding officers.

"I expect that most officers would say that because the adult moved to the left, they encouraged the overtake, and that the driver did nothing wrong – though it's clear to me that the driver should have kept more of a distance between them and the cyclists so as to not pressure them, and then passed when it was safe to do so."

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