Money making tips: Blogger shares how to make £30 an hour – anyone can do it

Side Hustle: Malcom Baker can make over £500

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The savvy Scot runs Chloe’s Deal Club and shares tips and advice with her followers on TikTok. She says anyone can sign up to market research companies and earn £30 an hour as a side hustle.

Earning money through market research is nothing new but it could be something Britons haven’t yet tried to make saivings to pay for their energy bills.

Chloe, a deal hunting expert, has tried it herself and gets paid at least £30 per hour when she takes part, according to the Scottish Sun.

The TikTok star said: “A really easy way to increase your income where you literally have to have no experience at all is by doing market research.

“And so many people don’t realise how easy this is – and the hourly rate works out really good.”

She’s not the first money expert to recommend that people try market research as a way to earn money from home.

Al Baker, who runs The Penny Pincher, told how people can earn £50 an hour for taking part in market research.

“I’ve also made extra money by working for food delivery companies which currently aren’t as profitable, due to the cost of fuel, but are still profit makers.”

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Al Baker’s 10 money making tips:

  • Rent out your parking space
  • Market research
  • Fruit picking
  • Rent out your home to a film crew
  • Hire out your garden
  • Rent out your vehicle/campervan
  • Take in a lodger
  • Offer your spare room as an office spac
  • List skills on sites like Fiverr
  • Start a blog.

Al added: “You could take on a lodger, rent out your garden to campers, rent your house out to photographers or film-makers or earn extra cash by picking fruit when in season.

“Or if you have a skill such as graphic design you could offer your services through online platforms such as Fiverr.”

He also recommends hiring out one’s parking space as this works out at money for nothing.

It could be worth over £100 a month depending on whether people live near a city, train station or tourist spot.

Meanwhile, has also come up with some money making ideas:

  • TV and film extra – Up to £250 a day
  • Rent out your car – Around £550 a month
  • Tour Guide – Up to £300 a day
  • Petsitting – Average earnings of £20 a day
  • Skillshare – It’s possible to earn more than £500 a month
  • TaskRabbit – Bid on tasks like DIY to earn over £500 a month
  • Direct selling – On average people earn an extra £500
  • Blogger – Earn up to £500 a month
  • Craftpreneur – Earn up to £500
  • Market research – £50 an hour.

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