‘Most important’ 29p step to ‘weaken’ dirt on electric hobs – ‘removes the stains easily’

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With their black, shiny and flat look, ceramic hobs are much easier on the eye than a traditional hob, but they’re also way more functional than their gas counterparts as your pots and pans will be on a flat surface, making them less prone to toppling over and causing a mess. Dirty ceramic hobs are a pain, as any leftover dirt prevents pans from sitting flat against the heating element, meaning the hob is way less effective. It is common practice to wipe your flat top stove on a daily basis, but what does a deep clean involve? The process is not as complex as you may initially expect. It can be completed using essentials homeowners may already have in their kitchen. Here’s how to clean a flat top stove, the professional way.

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To effectively clean this appliance, homeowners will need: white vinegar, baking soda, washing up liquid, a bowl, a spray bottle, a sponge and a microfibre cloth.

The first step is to fill a bowl with hot water and washing up liquid.

Cooking expert Vaishnavi Davande from Spices & Aroma is a professional in the kitchen. 

When she’s cleaning a flat top stove she suggests taking a large bowl or small bucket and pouring 10 to 12 cups of hot tap water inside. 

She said: “Then add two tablespoons of dishwashing soap and mix it well.”

This will create a sudsy soap mixture that is perfect for the clean.  

After making sure the stove is turned off, Vaishnavi recommends wiping the flat top stove to remove the main debris. 

She instructed: “Start wiping your top stove with the mixture with the help of a cloth that is soaked in the mixture. 

“Then remove loose pieces of food or dirt using the cloth.”

Once you have a clean basis, you can begin the deeper clean, using vinegar and baking soda. 

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White vinegar can be purchased from Tesco for as little as 29p.

Vaishnavi continued: “For the most important step, take a bowl and make a mixture of one cup of vinegar and one cup of hot tap water.”

She suggests putting the mixture into the spray bottle and spraying the solution over your flat top stove. 

Then sprinkle some baking soda on any areas that look particularly stained. 

Baking soda can be picked up from Asda for 55p and is available at most supermarkets.

The cleaning pro noted: “The soda will react to the vinegar solution and will lead to removing the stains easily.” 

After applying the solution and baking soda, Vaishnavi urges you to scrub in a circular motion. 

She said: “This will help in weakening the bits of food on your stove. 

“The soda will act as a gentle scrub to remove the remaining residue.”

This expert isn’t alone in her admiration for this technique. 

Phi Dang, the Director of Sidepost cleaning services similarly uses vinegar to clean a flat top stove – adding that you can also use a plastic or a wooden utensil to remove stubborn food leftovers.

He said: “Avoid metal ones at any cost, as they will damage and scratch your stovetop.

“Once you are done scrubbing, use another cloth and remove the remaining baking soda and water residue.”

A dry microfibre cloth should always be used after to wipe away the extra residue and to completely dry your top stove with a streak-free finish.

Vaishnavi added: “Focus on areas where the dirt is stuck to ensure there are no stains left behind.”

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