‘Mould has never come back’ Simple methods to ‘dry out walls’

Mrs Hinch cleaning hack fans say gets rid of black mould

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Mrs Hinch is a cleaning influencer with over four million followers, and counting. She rocketed to fame thanks to her sharing of cleaning tips and tricks, which fans are now doing themselves on Facebook pages named in Mrs Hinch’s honour.

On one Facebook page, one woman wanted to know how to prevent black mould from growing on her walls.

Natalie Brown wrote: “I’ve just cleared lots of black mould off my bedroom wall. Do I leave my bedroom window open all the time (just a little) or open only in the morning etc?

“Also, can I have my radiator on? Or will the heat make the mould grow back quicker? The mould is on the wall with the radiator (I think we have damp).”

The post was inundated with comments as other Mrs Hinch fans had a plethora of tips and tricks to share.

Interestingly, one Mrs Hinch fan recommended using a product many households already have in their bathroom cupboards.

Brooke Thompson wrote: “Original listerine mouth wash stops it regrowing – leave window open a little for airflow a few times a week.”

Claire Long advised: “If you can afford a dehumidifier, they are fantastic.”

Tina Sheldrake commented: “We have the same. I bought a fan heater from Amazon that has dried out the walls. I make sure I wipe any condensation from the windows every day and leave the window open for about 20 mins a day to air the room.”

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Sam Atherton said: “I had mould in my smallest bedroom, once cleaned, I kept the door and window closed and just had my timed heating on. It has never come back.”

Sue Anderson commented: “I keep my windows on fresh air vent during the day in winter and only close the windows when heating is on.”

Zoe Kemp wrote: “I open our windows a bit every morning while we are at work. Shut them when we get home before the heating comes on. If it’s at the top of the wall/ceiling then it’s probably condensation and not damp.”

Karen Symes said: “I keep my windows ajar all year round even with radiators on never had mould check your guttering see if it’s leaking outside.”

Yvette Perera wrote: “As someone who’s worked with properties for many years I can recommend opening the windows in the mornings if your windows have condensation.

“Heat will help keeping damp away but not when it’s causing condensation which is why you should open your windows when possible to ventilate especially when sunny.”

Jo Prescott’s advice was a little different – they recommended using another handy product found in most households.

They said: “Treat with white wine vinegar, just wipe over a couple of times. I leave bedroom windows open ever so slightly, even when heating is on. Particularly if you dry washing indoors. This also helps the washing dry quicker.”

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Flossy Oddsocks agreed. She said: “Treat with white vinegar. You need to know why it’s there. Dodgy pointing? Guttering issues? Window leaks? Don’t dry wet laundry inside. Use a dehumidifier. Yes do put the heating on.”

Sandra Abbott wrote: “I am using this to remove mould 1cup of white vinegar, 20 drops of tree oil and 20 drops of oil of cloves. The vinegar is to remove the mould. The oils are supposed to be a natural way of keeping the mould away.”

Andrea Adams added: “We have a slight mould problem in two bedrooms, I clean with mould killer when it appears and keep all the doors open to allow air flow.

“I leave radiators on but I rarely open windows in the winter except after a shower, then I open the bathroom window and close the door until the steam has gone.”

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