Mrs Hinch fan shares unusual window cleaning hack to remove streaks and smears

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Mrs Hinch rose to fame after posting cleaning hacks online with her followers. She now has over three million followers and fans of Mrs Hinch have set up their own dedicated cleaning Facebook pages to share their own finds with one another. Posting on the Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips page, one fan shared an unusual item she uses to remove smears and streaks from her windows and mirrors.

She wrote: “So, I stick a teabag in a pyrex, fill it halfway, let it go cold and then wash window with a microfibre, dry it with another.

“It’s really quick and comes out really well…I don’t put it in a spray bottle as I don’t wash windows massively frequently…and once I’ve finished with my jug, I’m just done until the next time so don’t feel I need to add to a spray bottle.

“Plus, I feel I’ve got more control when wiping on with a cloth as black tea has the potential to be messy when sprayed, but that’s just me and everyone should do what suits them.”

The cleaning fan explains how she has spent months trying to buff out the smears on her windows but has found no suitable method to get rid of them.

She continues: “With very little effort, my windows are sparkling! This is such a small thing to be pleased about, but it’s a job I hate and it’s been made so much easier.”

The woman explained how all tea bags should produce the same effect but it must be made with a bag rather than loose tea leaves which would cause a lot of mess. 

Fans of the hack were quick to rush to the comments to ask more questions.

One person asked: “Does it have to be a microfibre cloth you wipe it off with?”

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Many people replied to this comment suggesting that kitchen roll works just as well but others explained how a microfibre cloth can help buff away any marks or smears left on the glass.

One cleaning fan revealed how she used the Minky Microfibre Duster Cloth to clean her windows, shower screens and mirrors using the tea bag cleaning hack.

The cloth is a cleaning essential for Mrs Hinch and it can be picked up for as little as £2.49 in shops like B&M and Home Bargains. 

It is made from high density microfibre to leave surfaces smear free and sparkling clean.

However most microfibre cloths can be picked up cheaply which can be used on different surfaces to help remove smears. 

Others suggested adding it to a spray bottle would be better for precision and that you can leave it in one for up to two weeks before it needs emptying and replacing. 

However some were more sceptical of the cleaning hack and said that it could work out to be quite expensive.

One wrote: “What’s up with newspaper and a vinegar and water spray? Work well for me and a lot cheaper.”

This hack consists of mixing equal parts white vinegar and water together before adding the mixture to a spray bottle or bowl.

An old newspaper is then used to lightly dip into the solution before rubbing in circular motions on glass items like windows and shower screens. 

White vinegar is a cheap way to make homemade cleaning products due to its acidity which makes it break up stubborn stains and marks. 

Fans of these unusual cleaning hacks suggest adding essential oils into both of these homemade mixtures to help disguise the smell of white vinegar and tea bags which can be quite strong. 

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