Mrs Hinch fans share how to handle washing ‘nightmare’ including ‘regular check’ to make

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Draining a washing machine can be an ordeal, but these Mrs Hinch fans took to Facebook to give their top tips for this tricky chore.

Ce-Nedra Cherri Browne posted to a Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips forum, asking: “I posted a while back about my washing machine not draining. I went and got a new one today and I’m having the exact same issue. The machine is brand new so at this point it is NOT the machine.”

Pleading with her fellow Mrs Hinch fans, she stated: “I’m literally sat here sobbing because we have no clothes and I don’t know what to do! Thank you.”

Ally Sillett offered some advice: “I hope you don’t mind me saying, but it could be because you’ve got too much washing in there. It should only fill 3/4 of the drum. Empty it and try a cycle with half the load. Good luck.”

Steffi Anne shared Ce-Nedra’s pain: “We had this, tried everything. So we took the waste pipe off and it was unbelievably disgusting and full of gunk. We got a new one from Screwfix for about a fiver and she works a dream now. There’s always a solution.”

Chel Sea commented: “When this happened to me I had to pull that square cap off (on the bottom right hand side), unscrew the cap and all the water ran out.”

She advised that towels are put down, as well as a bucket for the water. She continued: “Then I pulled the gadget out and it had hair, hair pins and bits and bobs stuck in it. Cleaned it all out, put it back together and it worked fine.”

Nikita Vadhia offered: “The pipes are most likely clogged. I had the same issue; I went and bought that exact same washing machine for it not to work.”

Her solution was to call in reinforcements: “I had the plumbers out and they basically unclogged it and it was fine.”

Charlotte Canniff credited the problem to an overfilled machine: “I’m sure you have probably got a lot of washing outstanding if you haven’t had a machine for the last few days so I guess that’s why it’s so filled.”

Ashlee Marshall seconded this: “Apparently, if you fill it above half way of the door, it’s an overload. I’m so sorry to say your washing machine is overloaded. Half it and see how that works.

“I’d try and take half of it out and see if that works. If not, it sounds like a blocked pipe.”

Charlotte Fairclough-Boyle upheld the same view: “The drum should never be that full. Fill it half way, ideally no more. The more you put in, put on a longer wash.

“I always do an additional spin afterwards to drain the clothes. You risk breaking your washer and clothes will come out sopping wet otherwise.”

Laura Moxon asked: “Is it over full? Sometimes when I overfilled my washer it would beep, and I noticed my clothes were dripping wet through. I took few clothes out and it drained no bother.”

Karen Martin’s advice was to get the drains looked at: “Get them cleaned and you’ll be fine.”

Lynn Harmsworth posed the question: “Is the drainage crinkled hose pushed too far in to the pipe going to the drain? I pushed mine in as far as I could years ago and my machine did not drain. The hose is supposed to just be in a short distance.”

Rachael Lovitt stated: “You might have a colour catcher or sock stuck in the filter, the little door at the bottom right. We had trouble with our 9kg washer doing the same.

“We got an expert out and he opened and cleaned it out. We know it’s that every time now, so check it regularly.”

When Mandy Setters had the same problem, she drained the water, got the washing machine out and found that the “hose was all bent up”.

Annisa Crich sympathised: “I’m sorry, what a nightmare. Definitely try the waste pipe directly into the sink or similar with the washer pulled out to see if there is a blockage in your drain.

“Like many have said that might be the cause, or you’re maybe somehow twisting the pipe when you push it under your counter.”

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