Mrs Hinch fans’ teabag cleaning hack will leave your windows spotless and smear free

Cleaning the house is an important part of keeping germs and bacteria out. Mrs Hinch is an Instagram cleaning sensation who is well known online for her quick and easy cleaning hacks. More recently, fans of the cleaning guru have taken to their own Facebook pages to share their own hacks they have found.


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A cleaning fanatic has revealed she uses a tea bag to clean all of her windows inside and out.

Sharing to the Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips Facebook group, the mum posted photos of her spotless windows.

She said: “All of my local shops seems to have run out of glass cleaner and my windows were horrible.”

The woman then went on to explain that she placed a few tea bags in hot water, waited for them to cool down and then emptied the liquid into an empty trigger spray bottle.

She added: “Used with a wilkos microfiber cloth and cant believe how well it’s worked.

“After trying this I won’t be buying another expensive bottle of glass cleaner again.”

Cleaning fans soon flooded the comments and were keen to find out more about the bizarre cleaning hack.

One person asked: “Wont this leave my windows smeary?”

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The woman explained that she worked really hard to buff away any smears and this was no doubt the easiest cleaning hack she has found to clean her windows.

A lady also commented explaining that the famous Minky cloth that Mrs Hinch uses also works a treat to make sure your windows are smear free.

You also don’t have to add the tea bag liquid to a trigger spray, others say leaving it in a bowl and gently dipping a cloth into the mix will work the same.

Another fan suggested that using washing up liquid mixed with washing detergent works perfectly too and leaves the house smelling nice.


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Posting a video to the Mrs Hinch Made Me Do It group on Facebook, which has more than 175,000 members, a woman revealed that mixing a small amount of washing up liquid with a little bit of fabric softener in warm water will also leave your windows looking spotless.

She added that using washing up liquid alone would create smears on the windows and adding a small amount of fabric softener leaves them sparking and smear free.

The Minky cloth is a Mrs Hinch favourite and fans have said that this is the best option for cleaning windows.

It is described as an anti-bacterial cleaning pad which is dual sided for effective powerful scrubbing, making light work of all cleaning takes.

The cloth is available at most retailers and costs around £2.

This hack is also very cheap and includes products many people would already have in their homes.

The fan revealed that she cleaned all of her windows, inside and out within 40 minutes.

Others have also used the tea bag cleaning hack to clean their microwaves.

A woman compared a photo of her microwave when she used ordinary glass cleaner to when she used the tea bag cleaning hack.

The ordinary glass cleaner left marks and smears on the side of the microwave while the teabag hack left it looking spotless.

Some members of the Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips Facebook group recommended making the tea in the morning or a few days before.

The hack has since been labelled a ‘game-changer’ with many saying that they no longer use cleaning products to clean their glass household items.

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