MSNBC legal analyst praises Attorney General Garland for personally scooping ice cream for DOJ employees

Media top headlines June 29

An Intercept reporter suggesting DeSantis is to blame for the condo collapse, an MSNBC anchor trashing Bill Maher as an "angry White man," and a CNN anchor cozying up to Ron Klain round out today’s top media headlines.

MSNBC legal analyst Joyce Alene praised Attorney General Merrick Garland for personally scooping ice cream to employees of the Justice Department to show his appreciation. 

Alene got this scoop from an insider in the DOJ and took the opportunity to criticize Garland’s predecessor William Barr. 

“A DOJ insider tells me AG Garland will personally scoop ice cream to show his appreciation for employees at a DOJ event later this week. Did not see this from Bill Barr, who dissed career prosecutors as lacking judgment in an interview late in his tenure,” Alene said. 

When Barr was confirmed as attorney general, the Washington Post reported that he purchased snacks and refreshments and allowed DOJ employees to visit his office as “an open house of sorts.”

“On Tuesday, Barr invited Justice Department employees to stop by his office for an open house of sorts, and aides said he paid for refreshments out of his own pocket,” the Post reported. “Some department employees said Barr’s confirmation had buoyed spirits, which had sunk after Trump asked Sessions to resign and replaced him with Matthew G. Whitaker, whose qualifications to be acting attorney general were doubted by some in the building.”

Alene’s tweet was met with ridicule and mockery on social media.

National Review fellow Isaac Schorr said the ice cream was for Garland getting the DOJ involved in the “embarrassing GA lawsuit.”

Washington Free Beacon reporter responded with a mocking the “adults back in charge” joke.

Alene noted the blowback in a later tweet but reaffirmed that it is a great way for Garland to show appreciation for DOJ employees. 

“An awful lot of heat for that tweet! Personally, I think it’s great for an AG to spend a little bit of time showing people he appreciates them,” she said. 


Alene, who served in the United States Attorney’s Office during the Obama administration, is not afraid to show her admiration for Garland. She frequently praises Garland from her Twitter account.  

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