Mum’s ‘energy-saving’ hack to dry clothes without a tumble dryer

Lynsey Queen of Clean shares her laundry tip

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As the season turns colder the cost of energy bills continues to rise, meaning more Britons are looking for new ways to reduce their monthly electricity usage. In a recent TikTok video, money-saving mum Duchess of Thrift (@DuchessofThrift) shared a fast way to dry clothes without turning to the tumble dryer.

The tumble dryer is one of the most expensive household appliances to run, and since the energy price cap rose to £3,549, its use is likely to be a costly one.

However, with winter approaching, the weather outside isn’t always ideal for drying clothes.

In her video, the Duchess of Thrift said: “I’ve got washing to do today.

“I’m working from home, I’ve got meetings, if I hang it on the line it is sunshine and showers, it’s likely to get wet.

“So, the best way to dry your washing for free on a day when it’s a bit precarious to hang it up outside is this: using the power of the sun.

“Hang it over the window, dead simple.”

Although she says “it might sound obvious” the mum points out that not only is the sun “free”, but you also avoid the risk of a sudden downpour soaking your washing line.

She said: “That’s all dry now and it’s only been up there for 40 minutes.

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“I’ve got some more which I’m going to hang up and rotate it around.

“But if I get caught on a Teams call or on a Zoom meeting I’m not going to get caught short by putting it outside.

“Simple, just chase the sun around your house.

“This room is sunny for about the next two hours so I know I can go and take my meetings, carry on working, the laundry that I hang up, the wet stuff will dry and it’s drying incredibly quick because the heat is concentrated behind the window there.

“Easy, free cheap way to dry your washing when it’s a bit precarious outside but it’s bright.”

If you prefer to hang your laundry outside, the Duchess of Thrift recommends watching the weather forecast and planning your washing around that.

In another video, she said: “Before I was on autopilot because I didn’t worry about my energy bills because they weren’t extortionate, so I’d do a wash, dry it, and that was it. I’d put the heating on if need be.

“Now I’m being far more thrifty with my energy, so I’m not using my tumble dryer and I’m not using my heating, only an hour a day.

“So I’m watching the weather apps and I’m planning my laundry day. So the big things like towels and bedding, I’m timing them for when we have a sunny day.”

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