My neighbour kept parking on my driveway as ‘it’s too far to walk’ – I’d had enough so had it towed away | The Sun

A FRUSTRATED homeowner has taken to the internet to ask if they're in the wrong for having a neighbour's car towed away.

In the post uploaded to Reddit, the user who goes by the name of
u/Purple-Band7937 told how the neighbour refused to listen.

The post begins: 'I recently inherited a terraced house off of my late child-free aunt.'

'It has a driveway which is pretty neat, but there's one problem. One of the neighbours keeps parking in the driveway.

'I talked to her politely about it and she explained that my aunt used to let her park in the driveway because my aunt didn't have a car, whereas she and her husband have a car each and their driveway can only fit one car.

'I tried to explain this to the neighbour and asked her if she could please find somewhere else to park her car.

'She seemed to understand but didn't promise anything.'

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It was clear the neighbour wasn't prepared to change, as the Reddit user goes on to explain.

'Well, she kept parking in the driveway. I talked to her again and she said she can't park elsewhere because it would be too far to walk to their house, and said she has three young children who frequently travel in her car.

'A few days ago when I was coming home from work she had parked her car in my driveway again.

'This time her car was parked really forward and super close to my front door, making it pretty much impossible for me to get into my own house.'

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The Reddit user then admits they had had enough and took action, but asked if they were in the wrong for doing so.

'I was really angry and tired of the situation, so without trying to talk to the neighbour again, I called the police on a non-emergency number, explained the situation, and they showed up and towed my neighbour's car.

'Obviously she was p****d AF when she found out and showed up at my door the next day.'

But they needn't have worried as everybody was in support of the Reddit user in the comments underneath.


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One said: "The compromise is with her selfish husband who can find parking elsewhere so she can unload her children."

Another said: "Like wtf. This is a situation that does not need a compromise at all. She can let her kids get out of the car at their house and then park somewhere else."

While a third commented: "The compromise is she parks in their driveway and her lazy husband parks far away and does the walk. How rude. Good for you."

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