NatWest issues scam warning on eerily ‘authentic’ Royal Mail message

Martin Lewis gives advice on scammers posing as Royal Mail

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NatWest has warned scammers are on the prowl, and one of their latest techniques is sending messages regarding missed parcels. Getting items delivered is now a part of common life for Britons, as we conduct more shopping online. However, it can also leave people at risk of being targeted if they are not vigilant.

Scammers are unfortunately taking advantage of this to lull Britons into a false sense of security.

NatWest states the so-called “delivery scam” is one of the most common, but could catch people unawares.

It can involve a person receiving a message stating a parcel is set to be delivered to them, but a fee is payable as it is coming from overseas.

Alternatively, the bank states, the tactic could be to claim a driver has already tried to deliver a parcel, but a person needs to click a link to reschedule.

Regardless of the method used, the outcome is sadly the same.

Scammers are attempting to get people to click on these links to redirect them to a website which can look eerily similar to the official, and real Royal Mail website.

Now convinced they are dealing with a reputable organisation, a person’s guard could be let down.

However, this website has nothing to do with the legitimate Royal Mail, and instead forms part of an elaborate ruse.

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NatWest explained: “You’re then asked to enter sensitive info like your date of birth, mobile number and card details. 

“If you submit personal data, scammers could use it to call you up or access your bank account.”

Several people have warned they have come into contact with the scam claiming to be from Royal Mail.

@RobertHM75 described how he became a target, stating: “I tapped on a ‘Royal Mail’ parcel delivery text.

“Bank phoned me a few days later to ask if I had just spent about £150 on Just Eat! #Scams.”

While @LouisaPoet stated: “These Royal Mail scams creep me out. Had a corresponding text too, all looking very authentic!”

She shared the message she received, which read: “We’ve been notified that a parcel has been posted to you from 2 POINT 0 SA in Luxembourg.

“We’ll let you know when it’s in the UK and Royal Mail has it for delivery.

“Want to track your parcel? UQ179335006DE. Keep tabs on your parcel with the Royal Mail app.”

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Royal Mail has confirmed this correspondence is a scam, and does not derive from them.

They state: “We would not request payments for items due for redelivery via email or text.

“For items that have a charge applied (surcharge/customs fee) we’d deliver a grey ‘fee to pay’ card to the intended delivery address.”

Royal Mail has said people can report suspected scams to [email protected].

Suspicious text messages can also be forwarded to 7726 with no charge for this service.

People can also report the issue to Action Fraud, or Police Scotland if they are in Scotland for the matter to be investigated further. 

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