Neil Young Trashes President Trump as 'Disgrace' in Open Letter Also Supporting Bernie Sanders

Let there be no more doubt — if ever there was — that Neil Young really, really, really does not like President Donald Trump.

The legendary rock ‘n’ roller, who has not been shy about his anti-Trump feelings, spelled them out even further in a scathing open letter published on his website Tuesday.

In the same letter, Young, 74, wrote that he was supporting Sen. Bernie Sanders against Trump.

“You are a disgrace to my country,” Young began his letter before assailing the president for, in Young’s words, “mindless destruction of our shared natural resources, our environment and our relationships” as well as empty bravado and lying to the American voters.

“Our first black president was a better man than you are,” Young wrote, continuing: “The United States of America, my country, is not a green on one of your branded golf courses that you can ride around on and damage so that other players cannot shoot straight.”

He also scolded Trump, 73, for using his 1989 song “Rockin’ in the Free World,” which soundtracked Trump’s entrance at his 2015 announcement that he was running for president.

“Every time … one of my songs is played at your rallies, I hope you hear my voice,” Young wrote. “Remember it is the voice of a tax-paying US citizen who does not support you. Me.”

Last month, Young, who was born in Canada, became an American citizen and said he had registered to vote.

In his open letter to Trump he wrote, “We are going to vote you out and Make America Great Again.”

Sanders, a Vermont independent who is a front-runner for the Democratic presidential nomination to face Trump in November, has Young’s support. (Young also supported him in the 2016 primary election against Hillary Clinton.)

“He is truly fighting for the USA,” the musician wrote in his open letter. “His initials are BS. Not his policies.”

With the 2020 primary underway and the presidential election some nine months away, more and more celebrities have been outspoken about their political views and the candidates they prefer. President Trump has his defenders as well, including Jon Voight and Kanye West.

Trump, ever quick to snap at critics on social media, has twice tweeted about Young in the past.

In June 2015, he responded after Young spoke out about him using Young’s song at his campaign announcement. A year earlier, he quoted Young, writing, “As you go through life, you’ve got to see the valleys as well as the peaks.”

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