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APPLE fans are being urged to tread carefully when it comes to using one of the iPhone's latest features.

Haptic feedback on the device's keyboard, which causes it to vibrate as you type, can hurt battery life, according to Apple.

The much-requested feature was introduced with the rollout of the iOS 16 software update on September 12.

When enabled, the iPhone makes a slight vibration whenever you type a key.

In a recently-published support document, however, Apple warns that the feature could impact your iPhone’s battery life.

In the document, the firm explains what the feature does: "Your iPhone keyboard can make a sound or vibrate as you type."

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At the bottom of the page, it warns that the feature may impact how long your phone's battery lasts.

The addition of a haptic keyboard may not sound like much, but it makes typing feel smoother and more intuitive.

If you really master it, it can even allow you to type without looking at your device.

“Turning on keyboard haptics might affect the battery life of your iPhone," Apple said.

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The new feature is one of several introduced on Monday with the release of iOS 16, the latest version of the iPhone operating system.

We've summed up some of the best iOS 16 additions further down the page.

How to activate iPhone haptic keyboard

Before you can try out the feature, you'll first need to download iOS 16 by heading to Settings > General > Software Update.

Haptic keyboard feedback is turned off by default, so you'll need to activate it in – you guessed it – your device settings.

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Tap Sounds & Haptics
  3. Under Keyboard Feedback toggle Sound and Haptic on.

Now, whenever you hit a letter on Apple keyboard, a click sound and haptic tap will follow.

If you don't like the sound so much, switch your phone to vibrate or silent mode.

You can do this in Settings or, on newer iPhones, by moving the alert slider on the left-hand side of your device.

What is iOS 16?

Every year, Apple rolls out a new version of its iOS software for iPhone.

This is the core operating system that powers the device, delivering Apple's apps, features and designs to your iPhone.

This year's new version is called iOS 16 and its packed with new iPhone features users have been waiting for.

This includes a new Lock Screen with widgets, stylized Portrait wallpapers, and notifications that roll up from the bottom.

Messages are also getting a major update that lets you edit or recall recently send messages, as well as recover recently deleted messages or mark conversations as unread.

Lockdown mode and Safety Check are also new to the iPhone game adding safety features that protect users from online hacking and abuse.

How to get iOS 16

To try out iOS 16 for yourself, you'll need to update your iPhone software.

Head to Settings > General > Software Update.

You can then tap Upgrade to iOS 16 at the bottom of the screen and then Download and Install.

On some iPhones, you'll be directed to Download and Install automatically.

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You'll be asked to enter your iPhone passcode (if it has one) and then agree to Apple's terms and conditions.

The download and installation process will take up to an hour, so make sure you send any important messages before starting.

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