NS&I announces two Premium Bonds holders have won £50,000 just months after buying bond

Martin Lewis gives updated advice on premium bonds

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Having been popular for decades, those who buy Premium Bonds are in with the chance of winning up to £1million each month. One of the winners bought their winning bond, with the bond number 485TX874319, with a total holding of £40,000. This person purchased their winning bond in January 2022 and is based in Outer London.

Another winner who bought their winning bond in January this year also scooped £50,000 this month.

This person, who NS&I says is from overseas, won with the number 487XK253866.

Overall, NS&I’s figures revealed that 11 Premium Bonds savers won £50,000 in the financial institution’s prize draw.

These figures may come as a surprise to many savers as people are considered more likely to win the Premium Bonds lottery if they acquire high value bonds over an extended period of time.

However, the latest figures from May’s Premium Bonds draw suggest that this may not always be the case.

Compared to accounts with mainstream banks, Premium Bonds is a savings product administered by National Savings and Investment (NS&I).

It is regarded as a safe investment opportunity for savers as it is supported by HM Treasury.

No traditional interest is earned on Premium Bonds as there is a monthly prize draw for tax-free prizes instead.

Among the high value prizes someone can win through draw are £1million, £100,000, £50,000 or £25,000, with smaller payouts also up for grabs.

Amone the high value prizes someone can win through lottery are £1million, £100,000, £50,000 or £25,000, with smaller payouts also up for grabs.

As it stands, the odds of a saver winning per £1 Bond number currently stand at one in 34,500.

For May 2022, a grand total of 3,415,068 prizes were awarded to Premium Bonds winners, valued at over £98million all together.

Only two winners each month take home the lottery’s jackpot prize of £1million, which are chosen randomly by ERNIE, otherwise Electronic Random Number Indicator Equipment.

This month, ERNIE picked winners from Greater Manchester and Wandsworth for the £1million prize.

Those who think they may have been lucky this past month are now able to check to see if they have won a prize in May’s prize draw via the NS&I website’s prize checker.

To do this, savers will require their Premium Bonds holder’s number to use the website and their NS&I number or holder’s number to check via the prize checker app.

While looking to see whether they have won this month, bondholders can also check for any unclaimed prizes owed to them.

When announcing May’s winners, NS&I offered insight for those looking to boost their chances of winning.

The financial institution stated: “Premium Bonds customers can add to their Premium Bonds holding quickly and securely, both for themselves or their child, via bank transfer.

“By topping up regularly each month, customers are giving themselves further chances to win in each monthly draw.”

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