NYPD Failed to Control Crime Monday, Cuomo Says: Protest Update

The New York Police Department was “not effective at doing their jobs” Monday night, Governor Andrew Cuomo said, after a night of looting in midtown Manhattan.

The city had 8,000 officers on the streets and an 11 p.m. curfew, and “obviously it wasn’t enough,” Cuomo said Tuesday at a press briefing. The city of more than 8 million initially had a one-night curfew, but is extending it through Sunday — and starting it at 8 p.m. — to help police deal with the looters. “They have to do a better job,” Cuomo said.

Protests are taking place in cities across the U.S. in response to the death of George Floyd, an unarmed black man, after an altercation with a white Minneapolis police officer. The officer, who was videotaped kneeling on Floyd’s neck for several minutes, has been charged with third-degree murder.

The incident has renewed outcry over excessive police force that helped spark the national Black Lives Matter movement. While many of the protests have been peaceful, some have resulted in arrests, looting and damage to police vehicles and buildings.

De Blasio Says NYC Doesn’t Need National Guard (12:00 p.m. NY)

Mayor Bill de Blasio rejected President Donald Trump’s call for the National Guard, saying he doesn’t think it’s necessary or “wise.” The forces are not trained to quell civil unrest, and the city’s 36,000 officers are better able to handle the looters, he said at a press briefing.

Cuomo said the mayor “underestimates the scope of the problem” and the “duration of the problem” and has not used enough police to address the situation. The governor said the State Police and the National Guard are on standby to help if de Blasio changes his mind.

To bring in the National Guard over de Blasio’s objection, the state would need to take over the city, and “I don’t think we’re at that point,” the governor said.

“What happened in New York City was inexcusable,” Cuomo said. The governor said he believes the NYPD, if “well-deployed,” would have no need for the National Guard.

The NYPD arrested 700 people Monday night for looting and other offenses. The criminals are “using this moment for their own purposes” and are separate from the protesters who are “rightly outraged,” Cuomo said.

Illinois Governor Says Trump ‘Inflaming Things’ (11:07 a.m. NY)

Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker criticized President Donald Trump for demanding “total domination” of protesters and calling governors “jerks” if they don’t use the National Guard and troops.

“His rhetoric unfortunately is not bringing the temperature down,” Pritzker said on NBC’s Today show. “He is inflaming things.”

Illinois is not going to ask for federal troops, Pritzker said. What the president suggested on Monday in the Rose Garden is “illegal” because only states can call in federal troops, Pritzker said.

He said the situation in Illinois Monday night was better than the night before but work remains. The FBI has told him that it is not seeing ideological groups having a big influence and are instead seeing more organized activity around looting, Pritzker said.

De Blasio Extends Curfew to Tuesday Night (10:42 p.m. NY)

New York Mayor extended a citywide curfew to a second night after looting continued.

The original curfew was imposed from 11 p.m. Monday to 5 a.m. The police department sent 8,000 officers into the streets, doubling its presence in areas where there was violent property damage, according to a joint statement from de Blasio and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announcing the initial curfew.

But the looting continued, so the mayor late Monday announced an extension of the restrictions for another day, and beginning three hours earlier, from 8 p.m. Tuesday to 5 a.m.

Macy’s flagship store was among those looted Monday night in midtown Manhattan despite a curfew imposed to quell unrest in the most-populous U.S. city.

Other New York City locations that were hard hit by vandalism include Herald Square at 34th Street and Sixth Avenue, near Penn Station, on Madison Avenue from 41st to 43rd Streets; and the Times Square area, according to Freddi Goldstein, the mayor’s press secretary.

Trump Rips Cuomo, Says New York Was ‘Lost’ to Looters, ‘Scum’ (9:55 a.m. NY)

President Donald Trump ripped into New York Governor Andrew Cuomo for not requesting National Guard troops to stop looting, declaring in a tweet that New York city had been “lost” to looters and other “Lowlife & Scum.”

Police Car Set on Fire in Rhode Island, Store Windows Smashed

In downtown Providence, Rhode Island, scores of protesters turned out Monday night, some breaking into the Providence Place shopping mall, setting a police car on fire and smashing store windows and looting what was inside.

Police arrested 65, and several city officers and state police were injured, according to Providence Mayor Jorge Elorza.

“Violence is never the answer,” the mayor said in a statement. “Now is the time to focus on finding safe ways to be allies with our Black neighbors and to come together to support our business community as they rebuild and we all recover.”

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