One of Trump's 'biggest services to America' was exposing liberal media: Jeffrey Lord

The media’s worst offenders of 2020

Lisa Boothe highlights 2020’s worst media blunders

One of President Trump's top accomplishments came not on the domestic-policy or foreign-policy front, but in simply exposing left-wing media figures for their biases, columnist and political analyst Jeffrey Lord said Wednesday on "The Ingraham Angle."

Lord, a contributing editor at "The American Spectator" and former CNN commentator, told host Lisa Boothe, as she was chronicling the most egregious or cringeworthy media moments of 2020, that there is a "serious rot" that "underlies the national liberal media."

Boothe played clips of Don Lemon and other pundits becoming emotional on Election Night after Joe Biden was projected the winner.

"All of their standards are gone — gone with the wind," Lord said.

"This in a way may be one of President Trump's biggest services to America," he continued, adding that the media had previously swooned over President John F. Kennedy and had "felt they were soldiers on the way to the new frontier with JFK."

"The only difference now is [that sentiment is] out there, everybody sees it: the president has helped 'out' them. There is a real rot there and I think they've got to do some serious soul-searching about this, not that that will happen," he said.

In that regard, Boothe said another one of the most egregious moments in the media was roughly a year ago when several pundits appeared to describe deceased Iranian terrorist Qassem Soleimani in a positive light after Trump ordered an airstrike that killed him.

In one instance, CNN host Fareed Zakaria remarked Soleimani is "regarded in Iran as a heroic figure [and] personally very brave."

Lord noted that the media did not strike the same tone when President Obama ordered the raid that killed Usama bin Laden, but added that he indeed credits the Democrat for that decision.

"This is just so blatant at this point — if Donald Trump does something, it's bad. If anybody else does something, it's good. It's shameful and damaging their own reputation," he said.

In another now-viral clip, MSNBC host Ali Velshi did a live-shot report from Minneapolis during the George Floyd riots, calling protests there "not generally speaking unruly" as a large building was engulfed in flames behind him.

"What is always interesting to me is they don't care you can see it. It's right there, it's happening right in front of your own eyes and yet they are going to try to tell you up is down and down is up — and the American people just no longer believe it," he said.

Regarding Biden, Lord said the media has been slanted and dishonest both in their coverage of the president-elect and his 50-year-old son Hunter.

He pointed to examples of media figures calling the New York Post report of the younger Biden's foreign dealings "Russian disinformation", while largely treating the elder Biden gently.

"If we are going to be going through this for the next four years in the media is going to have to be held to account," he said. "As I say, there is a serious rot underlying the media when it acts like this — and it's not good."

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