Paint colours that ‘quickly devalue’ homes a ‘significant amount’

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Paint colours and interior trends come in and out of fashion all the time which can make it difficult to decorate a property that’s about to be put on the housing market. Many property and interior experts will advise homeowners to avoid bright or unusual colours that are likely to be disliked by the majority. Instead, people are often advised to stick with neutral colours throughout their homes so buyers can visualise their own furnishings and decor.

However, there is a surprising group of colours homeowners may not realise could “quickly devalue” their homes.

Jenny Chu, interiors expert at, the home services marketplace, has shared which interior decor trends homeowners should “avoid” so they don’t diminish the value of their property.

Jenny exclusively told “The last thing any of us want to do is to shave value off our homes and, if you’re guilty of any of the following trends, you may be doing just that.”

Dark colours

Despite dark blue, dark grey and dark green being popular last year, Jenny said these colours can “quickly devalue” a property.

She said: “Painting your rooms in dark colours, particularly dark blue or dark grey can quickly devalue your home – sometimes to a significant amount.

“This rule also applies to kitchen cupboards which should never be painted in dark colours. Where possible, keep colour schemes light, bright and airy.”


Flooring is another important factor when it comes to selling a property. There’s nothing a buyer will dislike more than old, threadbare carpets, stained flooring or zany floor coverings.

Jenny said patterned floor tiles can actually devalue a home by as much as 29 percent. The same goes for “dingy” and “tattered” floor tiles or carpets.

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She also said painted floorboards, despite once being trendy, can also devalue a property.

“Similarly, painted floorboards can also take value from your home by around 35 percent,” she added.

Wall art

Artwork and other forms of wall art are very personal which means it’s always risky having them on display when it comes to selling a property. 

Jenny said this is something that should be “avoided”, especially if it includes “motivational” quotes. 

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She continued: “Wall art is a very personal choice, however, it can give your home a cheap look.

“Avoid ‘motivational’ art such as ‘Live, Laugh, Love’ – I think we’re all over this one! – and, instead, invest in a few signature pieces that complement your decor.”

Jenny said homeowners don’t have to live in a show home when it comes to choosing interior but should keep an eye out for red flags that could devalue their home.

She added: “While nobody is saying that you should live in a show home, when choosing your interiors, it’s absolutely worth keeping one eye on how the changes that you’re making could be affecting the value of your property.”

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Other factors that can devalue a home include homes with original sash windows, tiled flooring in living spaces, black taps and shower fittings, homes with no baths and an open-plan layout.

Homes with bathrooms are often a must-have for families who are looking to bathe their kids or those who want a place to relax.

Smaller homes or flats not aimed at the family market may not benefit from an added bath, especially if the bathroom is on the smaller side.

However, adding a free-standing bath may put buyers off as they create more areas in a bathroom to clean.

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