Pensioners could get TV licence discount up to £159 – list of qualifying groups

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A colour TV licence costs £159 a year, but some people may be able to reduce the cost, or even get their licence for free. There are three groups who could get some level of discount on their TV licence.

Over 75s

Pensioners may be able to get their TV licence completely free.

To qualify, someone must be over the age of 75.

They must also receive Pension Credit, or live with a partner who does.

The free licence would then cover everyone living at the address.

Pension Credit is a benefit which is paid to people of state pension age who are on lower incomes.

In addition to providing potential eligibility for a free TV licence, it can pay claimants a weekly income boost.

It is believed one million people who could be eligible for Pension Credit are not claiming, so it may be worth people checking if they could get support.

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Those who already get Pension Credit can apply for their free TV licence when they are 74 to potentially reduce the delay in getting a free licence when turning 75.

They will still need to pay for the licence until the end of the month before their 75th birthday, and will then be covered by a free licence thereafter.

Britons can apply for a free licence online.

They can also apply by phone on 0300 790 6071.

People in residential care

Those who live in an eligible residential care home could get a special TV licence for just £7.50.

To qualify, they must be either:

  • Retired and over 60
  • Disabled

Care home residents can also get their housing manager to apply for them.

Registered blind

People who are registered blind can get a 50 percent discount on their TV licence.

This could reduce the cost to £79.50 per year.

The licence must be in the blind person’s name, and new applications can be made to transfer a TV licence to the blind person’s name if it is not already.

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