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IF you've got a Ring doorbell then there's one feature you absolutely need to check.

It could save you or a loved one from major embarrassment down the line.

It's easy to forget that Ring doorbell captures audio as well as video.

And this could lead to an embarrassing verbal bungle being recorded.

Maybe you had a private conversation outside while forgetting that you had a Ring doorbell running.

This could be a pain, especially if other people in your household can access your Ring doorbell footage.

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And it could also save your friends, family and other visitors from embarrassment.

You never know what they might say when they turn up at your door – especially if they don't know or remember that you've got a Ring doorbell.

They might accidentally say something without realising that they're being filmed with audio.

YouTube is filled with hilarious compilations of people accidentally farting while on Ring doorbell.

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That's why it's a good idea to turn audio recording off if you're worried about exposing your guests – or yourself.

Some Ring doorbell owners might also prefer to leave audio recording off simply to improve privacy.

If you're a real stickler when it comes to personal privacy and security, not keeping audio logs at your home is a good idea.

How to disable the audio recording on Ring

"One of the privacy features on Ring devices allows you to disable the audio streaming and recording functions of your device," Amazon explained.

First, open up your Ring app.

Now tap the three lines on the top left, then go to Devices.

Next choose the device that you would like to edit the settings for.

Now tap on Device Settings > Privacy Settings.

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Here is where you're able to toggle Audio Streaming and Recording on or off.

Remember that you can change these settings back again at any time.

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