People are just realizing an 'easy wire' trick can reveal major Wi-Fi connection problem – how to tweak your router now | The Sun

IF you're having trouble with your Wi-Fi speed, you should check what devices are being affected.

In some cases, all devices in a household are struggling to connect to the router and this can be a sign of a bigger internet problem.

This issue was highlighted in an article by Digital Trends.

The report explains that connection issues no matter where you are in the household or what device you're using, aren't necessarily a router-specific problem.

Digital Trends suggests plugging a laptop directly into your router.

You'll need an Ethernet cable or wire to do this.

If you notice that the Wi-Fi speed is still slow or non-existent, your router is probably not the problem.

Instead, you should contact your internet service provider to see if there is an issue with the network.

You may even be dealing with a case of bandwidth shaping.

Bandwidth shaping is a technique that internet providers use to deliberately slow down your Wi-Fi speed.

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This can happen if you exceed your monthly limit of data usage.

It has been known to happen without a customer being informed.

Try to be aware of what your standard Wi-Fi router speed should be.

If you find it's much slower than expected, ask your internet provider about potential bandwidth shaping or throttling.

Throttling is similar to bandwidth shaping and also slows your speed when you hit your data usage.

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