People are only just realising about a basic kitchen product that can help make your car’s interior sparkle | The Sun

A cleaning expert has revealed a genius way to clean the interior of your car using just a couple of everyday items.

The video was uploaded to TikTok by specialist cleaning guru who posts tons of clips on their channel offering helpful advice.

The channel’s motto is ‘Follow us and be better at life’, and there’s lots of footage with very practical tips on general cleaning.

This particular video is captioned ‘Need to know how to clean a dirty dashboard?’

It opens with the camera showing the interior of a car, focusing on the grimy dash – an area that often collects dust and can be awkward to clean properly.

We then see the poster holding a coffee filter and adding a few drops of olive oil to the centre.


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Folding the filter over a few times, the cleaning expert wipes it across the dash area.

Not only does the olive oil help to pick up the dirt, it also improves the shine of the dash and protects against cracks and general wear and tear.

Both items are relatively inexpensive, so the added bonus is that this handy hack will hardly cost you anything.

This comes after it was revealed that you can get rid of car paint chips with £1 household product, along with the laziest way to clean your car with no effort.

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